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Mistah Gravy
04-04-2012, 10:19 PM
all-righty,i am pretty much still a newb here,having only been a member for a month or so.and i am curious as to what other hobbies other members are into.

i am and have been into RC cars&trucks.back when i first got into this hobby,electric/battery powered cars and trucks ruled the tracks.nitro was not all that popular.this was back in the late 1980's and my first car,as most,was a Tamayia GrassHopper.eventually i grew tired of it and it's limited hop-ups at that time and eventually after a couple of years my garage of cars grew to about eight fully running cars and trucks both on and off road.

i put the collection away and in the attic when my daughter was born in 1993.my son was born in 2000 and when he waas about five or six i bought him an HPI RS4 MT2 off road nitro buggy.he played with it but not as much as i did.then this past Christmas i asked him what one WOW present he would like and he told me he'd like a new RC on-road car.but i convinced him that if Santa could bring an RC car,he'd be better off with an off-roa 4wd buggy or truck because you could use it on and off road and since we have snowy winters up here in NH,we could use it in the winter too.so i bought him an AE GT-3.0 Mini Monster buggy and he loved it almost as much as me.i still have my RC10L SS on-road electric car but i just listed it the other day on eBay so i can maybe take that money and buy myself a new nitro off-road truck.

my most favorite hobby/pasttime is 4wheelers/ATV's and i will always be into them.i sold off my two 4wheelers back in 1995 shortly after my daughter's birth because i no longer had time for them.i had a 1988 Suzuki QuadRacer 250R that had a shit ton of motor and suspension work done to it,a little over $3k(because back then i had the money to spend frivilously like that).i also had a 1990 Suzuki QuadRacer 500R QuadZilla.that one i kept it all stock.in 1993 i fractured my wrist(chauffer's fracture)but still rode it soon after my operation that put two surgical steel screws in my wrist that'll be there for life.

i don't currently have a quad but when i do eventually buy another one it will be a trail riding 4wheel drive quad as i am no longer into going 90mph to 120mph in the dirt.i now like to stroll through the woods and trails at slow speeds.i also bought my son a 110cc quad for Christmas two years ago along with a dirtbike(LEM-CR50r which is an Italian kids racing dirtbike) and my son and i take off on his dirtbike and quad(i ride both,just depends on which one he wants to ride on lmao)and hit the trails for hours at a time.living in New Hampshire,there are trails right at the end of my road that lead us all over the place.

anyways,those are the other hobbies,beside CB radio,that i am into.what about you guys?

High Voltage Mobile NJ
04-05-2012, 12:01 AM
im a Ski Bum . radio control cars back in the days no more now . flying kites with the kids . fishing, bowling , eating like a fffffffffffff pig sometimes . dirt bike riding back in the days no more. working out :ninja:

04-05-2012, 08:27 AM
Im into the whole renewable energy thing. Not that i want to save the planet - im just f'in broke and cant keep feeding these greedy bastards every month! LMAO!
I build wind turbines and have an off-grid solar/wind hybrid system. About 2000ah of battery reserve in the garage and have already been through the test when "accidenatlly" forgot to pay the power bill (whoopsie)..
I like building engines & restoring old cars too. I really like finding other products flaws and making/rebuilding them better too. I get off on that kind of stuff.. hehe

I used to be real heavy into the RC thing. It started with cars and quickly went to large scale boats. I was going to home depot to buy weedwhackers and strip them for powering the boats. I had to put that hobby on hold.. i was out of control! lmao

Mistah Gravy
04-07-2012, 10:25 PM
haha you would pull the engines from the weedwhackers?damn!! i've thought about getting into boats but i wouldn't run it on a lake or rive unless i had a chase jet-ski or some other sort of vessel that i could use to go get it if it died out on the water.

fishing has to be the best hobby out there.when i was younger and lived in Florida(from 79to86 then moved back to Mass)my Dad had a boat and we used to go out and stay at my uncle's father's lake house every weekend for like 2years straight.one weekend i caught a 12.8oz large mouth which was the 2nd largest bass ever caught on that lake.i was in the newspaper and everything.i still have her mounted on a plaque.she's in a box in my attic though,i no longer display her as she needs to go to a taxidermy for a neatening and cleaning and re-do and right now that isn't high up on my "to-do"list.maybe some time in the future i'll get her a makeover.

D-MAX 2112
04-08-2012, 10:11 PM
Well i used to be pretty serious drag racer... racing dragsters .. Due to a real bad accident(rear ended @174mph") end of season 2010.. my racing career was ended. Thats when i got into this radio insanity.
Im into handguns/guns/shooting... My Harley Davidson, radio, and i have a green thumb.

Keith 2112-

Mistah Gravy
04-08-2012, 11:14 PM
no shit,drag racing?that is quite the intense(and expensive)hobby.i used to go to the GatorNationals every year back when i lived in Gainesville,Florida(1979to1986)and never had a better time doing anything as i had at the drags.we would get pit passes because my friend's parents worked for the local beer distributor so we'd get to get into pitsmy friend's dad drove the big six pak shaped truck to the races so we'd fill the back of it up with people,bbq's,food and of course.....beer!!

it was always a huge blast at the GatorNationals and we always got all kinds of autographs and company swag from all of the drivers.i just wish i had saved all of that stuff because it may be worth a few bucks when both of my kids get older(my son is 12 and my daughter is 18).

i've been to other style of races(New Hampshire International SpeedWay)but it was nothing like going to the drags.i love that show "Pinks" and "Pass Time".but now a days i am more into Monster Trucks.we had a Monster Truck show at the Worcester Centrum in Massachusetts and it was quite the small venue.the trucks could come out,take a jump and literally stomp on the brakes before they came to the opposite side of the ring.i would love to go to the Vegas Championships.that is a huge venue!!