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05-23-2021, 10:16 PM
Looking into purchasing a linear amplifier... somewhere ~100 Watt. Can any amplifier be used in a base

or mobile application? And, would a 100 Watt amp be appropriate for a mobile application... without the

set-up/install being to technical... for clueless folks like me?

Also, would like to hear people's opinion on the best American made Linear Amps???

Any, help appreciated. Thank-you.

05-30-2021, 12:06 PM
I am no expert and only recently started back up with CB's ,this time to explore SSB. I had read up on using a linear amp in a car and to my initial horror saw videos of guys adding batteries and installing huge alternators and thick wiring and fuses to feed their amps.......no thankyou. Exploring different sites and of course here and articles, I found that for a mobile if the conditions are right, and you are in a good location [up high or lucky] and have a really good antenna for the job,[rather big] you don't need huge batteries,alternators, wiring and a large linear amp to have a good time.
I have a President McKinley SSB CB radio ,while very good ,it is no powerhouse. As far as a linear goes I run a KL-203 RM Italy amp I bought new for 50 to 60 bucks. On my "I guess so" meter I see a solid 80 watts I guess lol. The amp specs say amp draw is 10 amps. My old Tundra crew cab's fuse for 5 power outlets is 15 amps. I plug my CB and my amp into 2 different outlets and have had no problem, either with power or noise. I'm guessing it is filtered for laptops etc. My antenna is a Sirio Performer 5000 which is 6.75 tall with mag mount + my truck's roof is 6 feet off the ground. The Sirio can be folded back so I don't hit branches while travelling. So how does this all work? When conditions are good and my truck is in a good place, when Saturn is cresting Libra constellation, i am lucky and the Sun is revved up etc it works great! I go to Mt Greylock in MA and have talked to Canada,down to Louisiana, Texas, FLA, Carolinas, Nevada once Detroit all over the Midwest. In the same location if there is no skip I have talked to Plymouth MA which is over 100 miles away and CT, NH,NY State etc. I unplug the unit from my truck and put it on my power supply [70 amp] and plug it to my base antenna in my garage. I'm not in a great location at home but on good days I will get out ok. I use a horizontal dipole at my base station. I may get a bigger amp to try and get out better at home or a better antenna or both.
I know the experts will have something to say,,just giving you my story. Let us know how it goes and welcome to the forum!!

06-10-2021, 01:43 AM
Thank-you- Turboomni. Appreciate your story and input.

06-10-2021, 07:20 AM
Hey Thanks. Since I wrote that I got a MFJ meter to replace my "I guess so" meter. After tuning my base station SWR antenna better and getting it higher the little KL-203 amp I spoke of is now putting out a solid 100 watts PEP on Single Side Band.