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05-25-2021, 09:10 PM
Hello. My name is Dan. Go by BIG DAN on the cb. 28 and live in northwest Ohio. Lima area to be exact. I have been in and out of the cb hobby since i would say 14. Trying to get back into it now that i have more money to spend. Currently not running a setup but own an 03 F150 Super Crew and an 08 Nissan Xterra. The F150 already has direct power ran from the battery. Had the car audio guys split the subwoofers amp power and run the power for the CB. So that one is an easy install once i find a good antenna mount spot. The Xterra is more of an issue and for another thread.

Of the radios i know i have. They are a Grant XL peaked and tuned. A TRC, don't recall the model number. An old Robyn again fuzzy on the model. Then probably a few other radios i can't recall. They have been in storage for a couple years so need to take inventory. My main antenna for mobile has always been a Wilson 5k mag mount. Also have a K30 somewhere.

Anyways hope to meet some nice people here and have a good time. I need to find a stress reliever and i think getting back in to CB may be it.

05-30-2021, 02:42 PM
Welcome to the forum. Your starting back up at a good time. The skip is picking up!!