View Full Version : 08 Nissan Xterra Antenna Mount and Antenna Choice

05-25-2021, 09:23 PM
So looking for some insight here. Have an 08 Xterra. Going on a trip next week and trying to figure an antenna out. I have a wilson 5K coil and whip but the mag mount got left on an old truck when i sold it. So i'm trying to decide what is the best way to go for the trip. Do i try to pull off a full blown antenna install with having to work and get ready for the trip or do i throw a mag mount on the roof and be done? I'm still looking to do a full install eventually even if i go the mag mount route for the trip. So that brings me to the questions.

1.Any thoughts on mounts for this vehicle? I don't want to drill so it would have to be some type of mount i could bolt on to an existing bolt. Or a clamp style to go on the luggage rack but i worry about getting a good ground.
2. If i go the mag mount for the trip to save time. Can i get just the mag mount and coax for the 5K or would i have to go with a generic mag mount?
3. If i buy a new mag mount antenna suggestions? Height for me isn't an issue but my mom drives the vehicle sometimes and she would forget the antenna is there. So the shorter the better without losing performance. So i'm thinking a Wilson 1K or a lil will?

I would probably run my Grant XL or the TRC for the trip. Unless i decided to buy a new radio, this is tempting as we know CB stands for constantly buying and constantly broke. lol. Also radio would be running off a 12 Volt Cig Lighter plug. I know not ideal but i don't have time for the trip to run power and ground or get it done by a professional.