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06-07-2021, 08:48 AM
This weekend I hooked up my Midland 30” mag mount to my handheld Midland. I stuck it on the metal roof of my porch, and was surprised at the results. That got me to thinking of getting a larger antenna. One of the 108” whips to be exact. Which had me wondering if my handheld can even take advantage of a big whip; and if so... Which one should I get?

12-20-2021, 07:46 PM
Yes! In my opinion the antenna system is the most important part of a radio system. I have a buddy that contacted HAARP in Alaska on one watt from WA state and I’ve talked to Lima Peru from Washington DC with five watts and a hmmv antenna on my dodge pickup. A well tuned half wave dipole in the attic or garage rafters made of copper pipe works well from personal experience. If you want to run a mobile whip outdoors try a Wilson 5k or the Siri’s equivalent but be sure to look up how to make ground plane radials and keep it up off the roof by at least a meter to prevent capacitive reactance messing with your SWRs. Alternatively you could experiment with making the metal roof your ground plane by attaching at least two ten gauge house electric wires short as possible to the roof from the antenna ground. The random shape of the roof and it’s conductivity. I prefer known what my ground plane will be by making it myself. Try four arrow shafts or three foot Firestik type top loads as your ground radials. Try to find someone who can sweep the antenna for resonance below 1.2 before applying power to it. If that’s not possible do the old SWR reflected power at channel 20 method, it’s not perfect but it works. Most of all have fun! Get sparky and don’t let the smoke out!

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