View Full Version : Texas Star 500v

10-30-2021, 08:50 AM
All right so I have a couple questions I recently purchased a Texas Star 500v got a hell of a deal too by the way 90 bucks. Anyways in order to use this on 11 m band I have to convert it right. Second question the power supply I know it requires or recommends 45 amps but is it possible to run 25 amps or will it just not work I don't exactly have enough money to purchase a 45 amp power supply and I'm using a connex 3300 just need a little guidance and help and I've been doing this for a little while so I know what I'm doing but just need a little advice because I haven't had an amp before. I wanna do the power wire upgrade also what guage wire should I use. Is it ok to use a Wilson 1000 or a k40 fire stick on mag mount or should I put the k40 on my homemade tower or do I need to get a base station antenna. Thank you for anybody time.

10-31-2021, 06:37 PM