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11-15-2021, 03:02 PM
First post...Peter Rabbit hollering at ya from central VA...

Dad (Captain Jack) longtime CB'r from 70s on and still broadcasting... convinced me to put radio in my truck to talk with him & his buddies otw to & from work...

Installed President Ronald and Wilson 1000...seems to be working fine.

Now dad has got me hooked onto the hobby and I'm surfing eBay for vintage radios...as I grew up with Dad talking on Superstars, Galaxies, Cobras and HR2510s.

I currently have a 2600 and 2510 getting tinkered on by Rogerbird.

Figured it was time to join the forum after lurking. My username is also used on other forums, chevyK5blazerdotcom, Silverado-Sierradotcom, RimfireCentraldotcom, Ruger forum, etc. That kinda gives you a hint at my interests...


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