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12-16-2021, 01:44 PM
Hello All... So I'm a bit concerned about radio transmitting bleed over on my neighbors TV's , ect, ect, I'm using a Stryker 955 as a base station that has been peaked and tuned, I Want to make sure that when I set it all up with my antenna that I don't have any bleed over issues, any recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thx.

12-18-2021, 09:24 AM
would have been better if you didn't get it P&T...radios that have been modified are usually the ones that create issues with other electronics, such as TV's...

if your neighbors stuff is all digital, then you probably won't have a problem...just depends on how close they are.

12-20-2021, 10:34 AM
Well.... the "traditional" way to "check for it and see it" is an instrument called a spectrum analyzer but BELIEVE me the prices they can fetch....AND what you have to learn about how to feed signal to them and the damage that can happen if you don't.....it can be mind boggling.

One inexpensive way that it might be done well enough to SHOW you.......

There are these USB plug ins called SDR radio receivers. It just plugs in to a computer/laptop USb port and you load up software (free and available online) and fire it up..... and it can receive radio signals way on up into the gigahertz range.
The nice thing about them is that most packages come with a "waterfall display" that shows what your modulation envelope looks like. You can see your carrier...and when you modulate... you can see the modulation envelope....AND ANY HARMONICS and THAT is the key right there! Seeing harmonics... BOTH the audio harmonics and the harmonics of the RF carrier. So... once you learn how to do it....and how to adjust the software.... you can "see" pretty much everything about your modulated signal... AND the effect that it has on the RF spectrum around you.

Here is a YouTube video on the subject that might pique your interest.



[Edited to add another video!]

BTW.... the RTL-SDR is usually around $20-$25 and the software can often be downloaded for free.... making it ALL a matter of just taking the time to get familiar with doing it.

12-20-2021, 07:30 PM
One way you can start the job of checking possible TVI is just checking if you’re bleeding CB channels. If you can be heard on 18 and 20 when you’re talking out on 19 you’re probably bleeding all over the spectrum. Best thing to do is make sure the limiter is in place and squeeze shut the 54mhz trap coil. Yes modern TV is digital but it’s no good excuse for running a sloppy station imho. Glad you’re concerned about it and what a great radio Stryker 955 and 655s! Keep us posted on progress.

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