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04-05-2012, 06:57 PM
As of March 13th, 2012 my Cobra 2000 GTL turned 30 years old. My brother Mike "Roadrunner" Unit 222 was its original owner. Bought it new 3/13/1982 before entering in the U.S. Army and took it out every now and then when on leave at mom & dad's house. He lost interest and that is when my journey begins in the early 90's. Great classic base station. Has the basic mods like upper channels wired to the CB/PA toggle. The PA labeling was professionally etched off and HF labeling done. Dead keys 2.5 watts and peaks to 14 watts. With the addition of a second speaker made it complete. All speakers upgraded and acoustically tuned. Red pilot lights added to go along with the red digits. Voice Lock, unlocked to get the A channels. It has been in the shop to replace some of the original components due to age. I do not expect to modify this radio beyond that what it was meant to be! I am using a custom echo box built by Doug "CB Repairman". From then on I added a dual red diamond jewel knob, lighted power switch and square soft touch momentary switch which activates the "Lord of the Jungle" sound module. The radio has been a fair DX talker and shines on sideband. We power it up a few times each month. I bet the radio would be a good with an amp, someday. Well here she is a well taken care of 30 year old Cobra 2000 GTL. I have seen many folk modifying the heck out of these chasing a dream. In the end I see them for sale. Maybe broken, flaws in the mods or something else but keeping it in a classic state is my goal with this one, Bulldog.


Above the Cobra 2000 GTL is a Radio Shack DX-394, AM/LSB/USB/CW1/CW2, General Coverage Communications Receiver and Radio Shack PRO-2042 AM/NFM/WFM Scanning Communications Receiver with a 1000 channel memory. Both purchased new in 1996 and now 16 years old! Purchased last year is a Radio Shack desktop weather radio with all the weather channels, Skywarn and FM radio. Loaded with the top features and latest alert menus. The dual speakers are real nice, the 6 'AA' batteries give long listening time when the power goes out and it shares a connection with a discone base antenna on the roof.

Mistah Gravy
04-08-2012, 06:52 PM
i've probably said this a dozen times over here and a thousand times on another CB site i belong to-but.... the Cobra 2000GTL is by far probably the best damn base radio ever built.especially when kept as close to stock as possible.eventually i do plan on buying a 2000GTL and two speakers but i do plan on paying a hefty fee for them because i plan on buying one that is hopefully untouched and in perfect condition.the day that comes when i buy that,i will feel that i have reached a high point as an amatuer radio operator.i just love the Cobra 148F's&GTL's(made in Phillipines)and the Cobra 2000GTL's.three of the top radios ever made in my unexperienced opinion.

let me just say one more time,nice set up BullDog!

P.S.i forgot to add HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Cobra 2000GTL.he/she and i share the same birthday.i turned 40 this past 3.13.12 and don't look as good,nor do i still function and operate as well!!LMAO