View Full Version : Lucked in to this..... (B&K Precision Model 2040 CB Signal Generator)

01-05-2022, 07:40 PM
This showed up 2 days ago on my Facebook Marketplace from a seller about 20 minutes from my house.

The price was set at $75 and I didn't argue. When I talked to her... she knew what she wanted for it and that was it. I have already checked it out and it is in GLORIOUS shape!!! And as a side benefit... it works.... flawlessly. I couldn't be happier.


01-06-2022, 06:56 AM
What is it Bobcat and what all does it do? I'll try a search for it.

01-06-2022, 11:24 AM
What that is... is a specialized RF Signal Generator made by B&K Precision back in the day.....and it is SPECIFIALLY FOR CB Radio service.

For one.... it is Channelized! You don't "set the frequency" you turn a knob and put it on a channel. It goes from Ch 1 ALL the way to Ch 45 ... including all of the radio control channels that are "skipped spaces" on a CB radio.

Two it has modulation capability built in FOR the RF..... 400 Hz, 1000 Hz and somewhere up in the 2000's of Hz...plus external. The modulation level can be set in "percent" anywhere from 0 - 100%The really nice thing about it.... it has what is called an "attenuator". Some generators have a pot that controls the output of the RF Generator. It is very hard to control the output in a calibrated ... ACCURATE manner with a pot. The ATTENUATOR is actually a set of switches.... that uses VERY accurate resistors to break the RF output into db or microvolt ranges... then the knob sets the level WITHIN each range. To make a long story short.... THIS gives it the capability to ACCURATELY and MEASURABLE control the RF output all the way from "nothing" up to "bury the needle on the right on your CB radio" strength. That helps with a service techs needs. You can VERY accurately control the RF signal level.

Plus... it also has a noise source ....for checking out ANL and Noise Blankers.

One would only need something like this if they want to get deep into servicing and aligning ......but again... it is only for Cb radio service.

If you have any more questions.... please send them on. I will be happy to help out where I can!!!!


01-06-2022, 11:29 AM
Came back to add..... here is one of Mike's Radio Repair videos on the 2040.
He is working on one for a customer....BUT he also talks on the capabilities of the unit.


01-06-2022, 05:25 PM
Yeah Bobcat it sounds like something good for you and what your doing. I did a google search on it after writing my post this morning and found it was in too deep for me. LOL I started listening to Mike's Radio Repair video but listen to only part before I figured out it wasn't some thing I would use. But anyway I'm glad you had a good find to help you out in your repairs. Good luck !

01-07-2022, 05:21 PM
See, I am not just one who has fun ON the radio.... I like to have fun IN the radio! I went to college for electronics back in the 70's but wound up flip flopping over to software (operating system internals!) in the mid 80's until laid off in 2006 then in 2009 started as a Java software developer.

NOW that I am getting closer to retirement I want to get back to my electronics... and radio repair is one way I want to do it. I really want to be one of the "boring" ones that believes in "clean radios just doing what they do" though... so I am collecting the test equipment to do it right (IMHO!). This is just a fantasy for me.

01-07-2022, 06:06 PM
Yeah I knew you were getting into radio repair and it is good you have some training background in it, as it will make it easier to succeed. Myself I'm 71 YO so it's too late for me to learn repair but it would be nice to do simple tune-ups that don't require a big out-lay of cash. I'd rather hire you when you get Rich and Famous ! LOL

01-07-2022, 08:48 PM
The radio repair shops are dwindling, yet the hobby expanding again IMO. So sounds like a very good business plan for those retirement days!

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01-10-2022, 01:42 PM
I had actually given about "four and a half seconds thought" to that..... but not sure how well it would work out.

1. Having had training in electronics and then 10 years later moving to software... I do not have a wealth of "hands on experience". That is really why I am entering it at a "hobbyist" level. Quite a bit of "theory" and "understanding" as to how these things work.... just ... having not been in the business as long as some of these people have been... I will be slower..at least for a while. THAT does not bode well for business.

2. I have the absolute WORST head for business!!!! My wife would tell ya!!!!

I won't ever say "NO" until I quit breathing.....but...just for NOW... I am not harboring any great dreams.....I am just doing it for my own satisfaction. I have just always loved electronics and technology and want to get back into it "just to say I did"!!!!


The radio repair shops are dwindling, yet the hobby expanding again IMO. So sounds like a very good business plan for those retirement days!

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01-11-2022, 06:52 PM
Doing something you like in retirement is a good thing and if you could make a couple bucks at it and help others out doing what you enjoy, can't get better than that. I don't think I'd re-mortgage my house for it just stay small ! Or you could buy used, peak & tune & realign & flip.