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01-27-2022, 05:38 PM
"Hello" to all,

Have a new 7ft. Skip shooter antenna, I really like. Two times now, I have had folks tell me that when I talk, it sounds broken up. One guy had me talk again... and taped it and played it back to me. And, it was a broken up. Today, I had a guy tell me it sounded like my window was rolled down.
This has been intermittent, because I have talked before with others and had great results.
I do have an Astatic D-104mb...mobile mic. A guy today said it sounded like the push to talk button
sounded scratchy. I have heard from others who have this mic, that have experienced the same problem.

I use the same mic with my Wilson 1000... and never once has anyone said anything bad about the way it sounded.
I double checked all my connections, and they are plenty tight.

Anyone, have any ideas? It sounds like to me the mic's push to talk button is about done for. I haven't had it that long.

Any suggestions for a new mike. I have an X-talk feature on this radio... and I have heard that you should not use a power mic with a radio that has this feature... but I have had no problems until recently.

The stock mic that came with the radio is an Electret mic. Should I stick with an electret mic? Or use
my Ranger SRA198. I do not think it is an electret mic.

Does anyone know of a really good electret mic? Thank-you, in advance.

02-03-2022, 08:08 PM
The D-104's are notorious for scratchy sounding when you hit the ptt button...just cheep-plastic made mic is all...you can try spraying some electronic cleaner in the mic switch, this sometimes will help with the scratchy sound, or maybe try and stick a little white lithium grease inside the switch.

As for a good alternative Mic, the SRA 198 is a good choice, but it's a noise canceling mic so be ready to practically eat-the-mic to be heard.:biggrin1: You have to get up-close and personal with the Mic to get decent audio out of it.

As for sounding like you have the windows rolled-down...most likely your over-driving the radio...easy to do when using power Mics like the D104...You need to back-off the mic gain on the radio, and probably on the Mic as well...

One thing I have learned over the years when it comes to radio checks is everyone has a opinion on what sounds good..

Alabama Buckeye
03-10-2022, 09:39 PM
I've heard the adoration of the D104 for years, most all have been toward the base station variant.
Perhaps the mobile is not made up to withstand the knocks and bruises?

Astatic 636L is my goto mic. Being on the opposite end I can't speak to its clarity Ive never heard negative statements; other than because it is also noise cancelling it also requires near kissing it. There's a semi circle raised upper 1/4 rim on it. Touch the upper lip to this rim and talk.

I see the SRA 198 also has a rim, but 360 version.

03-11-2022, 06:41 AM
Do you mean D104-M6B? I have worked on several of these mics.

Alabama Buckeye
03-11-2022, 01:25 PM
I assumed he was speaking of D104-M6B as he spoke of Skipshooter 7'er. He was inquiring about a replacement electrically enhanced mic. I used two Tornado Power mics for several years before upgrading to Astatic 636L. One power mic fell victim to battery corrosion and the circular file, the other sits draped on the rack with a myriad other disgraced mics.

You worked on several of these for what ailment?

And I suggest to Vagabond a condom for his 7' Skipshooter. Skipshooter spreading out the top loading over an additional 2 foot above that of the Firestik II 5'er is a good idea. Its the final naked nail that is bothersome to me.
Additionally, you've received feedback a couple times from helpful listeners; I think they may have been base stn operators with less stress sitting in their Lazy Boy loungers. The other contacts suffered in silence, maybe?

03-11-2022, 07:40 PM
I've mostly modded them. You change out the gate resistor for a higher value for increased bass and gain.
I've had a few with a faulty switch. Apart from cleaning, it's a good idea to reflow the solder to the board. Sometimes the switch isn't depressing fully, it's easy to test for this. From memory it had something to do with the metal spring strip?? Shaving off any jagged plastic on the keying button is a good idea, along with lubrication. These mics often have a crunchy button.
Other faults are a broken wire in the cable, you'll want to check that the white plug is plugged into the board properly too. Check that the 9V battery is making contact properly, there's a metal retaining tab that holds it in place..
The potentiometer could play up. I've even seen one where the mic insert wasn't soldered properly, modulation was intermittent.
I believe there's two generations of this mic, one is probably better quality than the other.

Alabama Buckeye
03-11-2022, 11:31 PM
Let me guess, the lolly pop model is the better of the two? When I grow out of my Lazy Boy lounger and able to sit in a high chair compatible with the bench top, and become rich, I'll get me a cherry lolly pop D104 Silver Eagle. For that price ($500+) it better be the better of the two.

03-12-2022, 12:21 AM
They're two very different mics. The lollypop D104 has a crystal element, the M6B a ceramic element. The Silver Eagle has a totally different circuit. I'm not a big fan of the Silver Eagle, the only really good one I have heard had an older head on it. That is one of the beauties of the D104, you can interchange heads, but I prefer a non amplified one into a tube radio. Different tone with the higher impedance tube input.

Alabama Buckeye
03-12-2022, 01:00 AM
Or maybe I'll get a Lazy Boy Lounger with a 18" higher base height. It'll still be a Lazy boy. It's just as warm and comfy with the same vibrator, with attending French maid to get my slippers, oops. Is that offensive to anyone's sensibilities, let's make is butler, for ya'll? Just the same, like the Ford "Mustang" or D104, right? Resting on one's laurels while the product takes a nose dive, its a sham or shame. I guess the Model "Crap" was already used. Sure isn't the D-104 of 1933-2001.

I'll bet your preference is for the '76 18 karat gold finish model which is the older of the two, Golden Eagle and Silver (Chrome) Eagle. I cant imagine the price of a cherry Golden Eagle D-104.

I do like my Astatic 636L.

03-12-2022, 02:06 AM
I can only afford the matching Turner to my Golden Eagle radio, I spent all the money on the radio and a certain accessory. At least the Turner has a gold coloured grill.
However, I have been using a 1948 Australian ribbon mic. It's not gold but it's still pretty to look at and has the age.

Alabama Buckeye
03-12-2022, 04:46 PM
Was strolling and came upon the RD104. Was giving thought of new mic for my 6-pin Rangers and another try with a power mic. Im constantly swapping radios and moving favorite 4pin Astatic 636L to 6-pin Ranger(s) with adapter. To avoid any conflict which might occur with the adapter I was hoping the RD-104 was a 6-pin. It is said to have a 6 wire cable but only 4-pin connector. Why? I see this new model RD104 has a lip guide; more cause for pause and inquiry.

03-12-2022, 05:57 PM
That's the other thing I do on the side, I make and sell adapter leads. If there's a wiring diagram for that six wire mic, I can tell you how to hook it up. It's probably like a six wire Turner, that's the difference between a Turner Plus Three and a Plus Three B. There's and extra set of contacts... and they did away with the switch on the bottom.