View Full Version : Stryker SRA-10 Warthog

Alabama Buckeye
03-09-2022, 10:29 PM
The top surface of the loaded base sure nuf looks like a Warthog Gatling Gun.
I'm awaiting USPS (snail mail) delivery from BellsCB, swap city FL. I'm looking for pat on the back rather than a boot in the butt; but, if the choice was bad Id like to know before I'm sitting alone in misery. At least somebody told be to be prepared for bad news.

Q: The SRA-10 mag mounted antenna will be proudly booming from behind the cab of my cherry '70 CST Pickup. The question is: Is 74% of radiating element open to the free world (no cab blocking) enough to meet low SWR expectations?

TMI Corner: Stryker is not at all forthcoming as to wavelength equivalence of the antenna. I'm assuming 1/4 wave. They proudly advertise the loading coil is comprised of 6 AWG windings that glow blue on transmit, apparent though the surrounding port holes of the poly casing. And please tell me who has a mobile rig pumping out 10,000 watts? Gud Gawd Gerttie thats 416A at 24V.

According to disinformation Ive gathered, more than 150W from a magnetic mount base antenna is sufficient to peel the paint off your $80K Pickemup Truck; or the Pace Edward Jackrabbit tonneau cover on my truck. I affixed 1/8"T x 6"D steel disk plates atop the aluminum tonneau cover storage box. I don't expect to get more than 400W SSB or 200W AM from my RCI 2970N4; which may be cause for enamel paint peeling on the disk. Will report back.

Alabama Buckeye
04-01-2022, 06:30 PM
Have received antenna. Have yet to ascertain being cab mounting as intended.

Wow! I'm impressed thus far! As a test bed stuck it atop a '96 Riviera, with car cover and rubber/silicone booty aboard. Didn't know engine hood was aluminum alloy. Having 68' of RG-8X at my disposal, including A-10 antenna has 8X of 18' as well, I got the following SWR readings:
1.5W = 1:1; 50W [aid of 2290 x2 pill driver] 1.3:1; 1000W [into 2879 x8 pill FatBoy] 1.2:1. I'm impressed with 0 trimming of full length whip. Out of the box it was perfect 27.305MHz.

04-02-2022, 11:53 AM
Be best if antenna was placed on the roof for best performance...(distance and omni directional wise)