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Alabama Buckeye
03-10-2022, 12:42 AM
The Alabama Buckeye is not far removed from the Aesculus glabra, commonly known as Ohio buckeye. The Alabama Buckeye is a shrub, not a tree.
I started my adventure into CB radio nearly 1/2 century ago in Ohio where I crowned myself Buckeye Weatherman. I traveled Ohio (my first duty station) to C. Tennessee to see the folks at least monthly. My first radio was 9 crystal Radio Shack CB. Fit perfectly in the removed ashtray space in my Gremlin with 102" steel whip. I'm a 40 year retiree from the atmospheric science field. It's not a real science as there are no firm fast rules; only best guess and good luck makes for success. Most TVcasters couldn't forecast intestinal gas onset after an all-night buffet at Taco Bell. But you gotta hand it to them hurricane forecasters; they pick the right model more often than not these daze.

I re-entered CB radio arena with greater gusto about 20 years ago.
My equipment:
Stryker 655HP, 1st
Stryker 955HP + SSB, 3rd
Ranger RCI 2950, 2nd
Ranger RCI 2970N4, 4th
Cobra 29 LTD Classic Chrome, 5th
Baofeng UV-50X2
and a 5 pack of variant Baofeng UV HT radios.
DaveMade 200A Power Supply

As to radio choices I've re-applied an old adage: Spending a bit more for the better choice is money well spent; better to dive in than simply wet your feet. Go big or go home.
All my 10/11M radios can be throttled down as low as 1-3W to drive either M80 or M200 which in turn can drive the Fatboy. However 2 of 5 have low PEP and I dont consider them stand-alone radios.

DaveMade M80, 2x2290
DaveMade M200, 1x2290 x 2x2879
Fatboy 8 Pill 8X2879

Imax 2000, Vertical Monopole; now called Solarcon Max Optimizer. Wouldn't be a good choice for regular blustery wind regions; such as front face Rocky Mtn States.
Sirio SD 27, Vertical Dipole; modified to two element with dual SS 102" whip reflector. This antenna will function well as an omni-directional (without the reflector); 1/2 wavelength tunable.

I finally realized the benefit of the 200A power supply. I was regularly drawing upwards of 100A. I put it to the test when I coupled a larger driver (M200) to the Fatboy and was pulling 150A. Money well spend.
As to amplifiers and antenna I believe it was all money well spent; no regrets. Have never had an inclination for conventional multi-element Yagi.