View Full Version : Stryker 655/955 Dead Key Adjustment - Misaligned

Alabama Buckeye
03-22-2022, 10:17 AM
First choice radio upon returning to hobby, with intent, was a Stryker 655HP. It wasn't long before I wanted SSB which led me to the 955HPC. No other difference aside from the embarrassing price increase.

Then I got the hair brain idea that I wanted a lower dead key for Low Drive amp. Which was really hair brained as I already had a FB8X (Fatboy 8x2879) which is a high drive box and either the 655 or 955 was, in stock form, was marginally suited. The FB8X actually performs closer to optimal with 200W DK.

But I also wanted a Low Drive amp. A DM-M80 or M200 for easier and smaller scale mobile employment.
What did I do, I chose to lower the dead key on the wrong Stryker; which in turn affected PEP. The 955HPC was neutered, from near 90 PEP to ~60:disturbed: But it has 1W DK:third: and I can work SSB > 1000W. We all make occasional bad choices and this one was boneheaded, or was it?

I should add that the M80 with 1W DK in will produce 200W PEP and 1.5W DK = 300W out; which the FB8X likes more, with room to expand. Yes I'm mixing Johnathans with Granny Green apples, 200W DK and PEP; the M200 will do the 200W DK but I dont press the FB8X to competition heights.