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Mr. Dude with a face
04-02-2022, 08:36 AM
Very new and inexperienced in CB radios. I have a cobra 29 LTD (NW) in the truck, Wilson 2000 trucker antenna, and a small handheld uniden radio.

Alabama Buckeye
04-03-2022, 09:12 AM
Welcome to the forum.

Confused I am? A Corbra 29 LTD (NW), whatever that is, and a HT Uniden Radio? On a single Wilson 2000?
HT is shorthand for handheld.
And (NW) is short for what?

Do you have a life experience to share or a question of how to amp up the Cobra or Uniden?

I've a Cobra 29 LTD Chrome myself. A great radio for it's modified capabilities.

Mr. Dude with a face
04-03-2022, 09:50 AM
Oh, my apologies. I don't have them on the same antenna. As of right now, the uniden is all by itself, with the factory antenna. the cobra is in the truck, permanently hooked up to a wilson 2000. The NW stands for "nightwatch" all that means in the display is back lit, so you can see all of the dials and nobs at night, it works very well. I have not modified either radio, both are stock.

Alabama Buckeye
04-03-2022, 04:35 PM
Check, check.
Welcome to the forum.

04-05-2022, 10:18 AM
Welcome! [emoji16]

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