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04-05-2022, 11:01 AM
So I came up with this idea to run a 4ga hot & ground OFC cable from my PSU to a bus bar on back of my desk cabinet for...ummm...my mobile footwarmers...and then an 8ga hot & ground OFC cable from PSU to a lil Anderson Power Pole busbar for my meters, radio and mic tester that are all on my desk in my shack setup. I've never been diagnosed, but I tend to exhibit OCD habits... especially in "my spaces" where I hang out. Clean Silverado, clean desk at work, shop workbench & tools all tidy...and of course my radio shack.

So, I cut an 8"X10"x3/4" piece of scrap PVC sheeting to mount the bus bars on. I even routed the edges... remember OCD habits...gotta look good.

Then spent the rest of that night getting copper lugs soldered/crimped and Anderson Power Pole connectors all attached to my cables...with shrink tubing of course.

Then it was installation time for Operation BusBar...got the holes drilled in the back of the cabinet.

Then I attached all cables to the busbars... easier to ease the whole thing over the back of the cabinet at once, than to reach around to attach cables after it was secured to the back of the cabinet.

Then secured Operation Bus Bar to the back of the cabinet...

I think it was a successful Operation...

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04-05-2022, 11:07 AM
Well phooey...forgot to post a pic of the shack setup...

And that's all...for now

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04-05-2022, 11:09 AM
Oh and a dust cover for the ICOM arrived y'day...

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04-15-2022, 07:09 PM
Spent bout 35min in the shed building something this evening...

The heavy ICOM power supply (black box) holds it down...and now I have a place to hang my new Heil Sound Pro 7 headset on when not in use rag chewing [emoji12]

Now just gotta stain & polyurethane it...

Oh...I'd forgotten to post pics of my completed shelves above the ICOM...you can see them in pics I just posted [emoji16]

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