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06-04-2022, 12:25 AM
Hi All,

I've just recently setup after many years and I mean many years. I was on the air as a kid in the late 80s. Had a brief setup about 10 years ago but I have now settled into a new place and hoping to get my base all setup nicely. currently using a Realistic Navaho trc490 hooked up to a 5/8 Shockwave antenna temporarily just sitting 3m off the ground. Picked up a 21meter (3x 7m sections) wind up tower, so I will get that up at some stage but will most likely just use it at 7m as I don't want guy wires all over the place.

Anyway if you hear someone on ch11 that's got no idea what he is doing, it's most likely me :)
using yz870 as my sign.

Rob from Victoria, Australia

06-08-2022, 07:22 PM
Welcome to the forum

06-08-2022, 09:18 PM

Waving a hand from Appomattox VA...WR080 said that...

I've been making contacts with some of your mates there in Victoria on LSB...I'd have to go check my log book for their call signs ...

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