View Full Version : High SWR on new CB radio/but the other new radio on same setup, is 1.1. what gives?

06-11-2022, 07:24 AM
I bought 2 new president radios and 2 New Virginia president antennas.
I have the Johnny3 and the McKinley, both tuned from cbworld.

The johnny3 has a low swr of 1.1 on channel 1 and 40 aprox, tested this setup on my truck and car. both have the same new virginia antennas, preadjusted for 1.1 from the factory.

But when I hook up the other radio the McKinley, in the car and Truck. I have a high swr of 3.5+ on the high ch and 3+ on the low channel.
I moved the antennas and coax around to see if there was a change/there was none. the problem followed the radio from the car to the truck.

Question is this an antenna problem or a radio issue?

thanks for any feedback

06-16-2022, 08:45 AM
I'm no expert but I bought an MFJ-880 and a AA-35 Zoom I used both of them to see if my radios reads swr correctly and no both radios read 3.0+ while both the RigExpert and MFJ-880 read 1.1 I wouldn't trust the radio's swr meter if that's what your using.

06-17-2022, 10:46 AM
most likely harmonics generated by the radio, (or) if the other radio is higher power and causing the problem, the antenna/feedline system is suspect. a radio does not change the standing waves of an antenna system.

06-19-2022, 06:59 PM
On the McKinley, did you use the SWR check mode on the radio?....may want to try that if you haven't already and see if it has the continuous Beep and 1.0 on the radios meter...

Don't know what to tell ya otherwise, if the Johnney3 has 1.1, then all you did was swap radios, and then SWR go's to 3+...unless you have a swr meter that needs calibrating, maybe you didn't re-calibrate for the McKinley?

Might want to check both radios to see what they are dead keying to...