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04-11-2023, 07:31 PM
Hello everyone!

After a multi-year hiatus from the hobby, I'm back! I'm located in central MS, literally been around the world a few times, but came back home. I'm into relic hunting/metal detecting, hot rods, etc. I'm a mid level executive in a large corporation, and between that and the family, finding time to get back into the hobby is still a struggle.
As far as radio equipment-
I have a galaxy 99 in my daily driver, a 148gtl in the truck, a 29 in the car. I have several small 2 pill "CW transmitters" that I built myself in the vehicles.
My base station is a Cobra 2k, with a 5/8 homebrew vertical, feed point at 90'. I'm trying to get a 4el beam up right now, but I'll only have the feed point at about 40'. I have another homebrew box hooked up to my Cobra 2k, that LOVES putting my 600A power supply in it's death throes.......