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10-31-2023, 09:00 PM
Hello all! I'm new here, but not to radios or electronics. I was made familiar with CB by one of my Grandfathers who had one in his vehicle when I was a child. When I went to the Marines I was a radar repairman. As you'd probably imagine, we used a variety of radios for our communications. Some were very basic and some were very advanced. After the Marines I traveled for work for a little while, and my Grandfather gave me both of his CBs to use. I never chatted with them very much even when I was traveling but they were there just in case. During my professional career, I was on the airwaves pretty much continuously, so I'm definitely familiar with professional radio etiquette. A couple years ago I decided to get some radios for when my family and I were traveling, and I picked up a pack of Midland GMRS handhelds. I got my license for them and they work well for what we were doing. Just from watching various radio videos on YouTube, I thought about messing around with those old CBs again. I found my old mag mount antennas, and 1 of the CBs. It's a Craig, L-103. It has 2 issues that I'm aware of, but I'll address them in the appropriate forum section. But, today was the first day that radio has received a transmission in over 20 years! I'm almost certain the other CB was a Cobra, and I'm sure it's around here somewhere...