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04-07-2012, 08:37 AM
September 5, 2011 - Welcome to my shack. Featuring a Magnum Raptor 10 Meter AM/FM Mobile Radio. Very nice sharp look rig that performs at power 3 levels! The Turbo echo is sweet and clean. This is my first 10 meter radio and when converted to 11 meters you have 240 channels. Frequency coverage, 25.615 - 28.305 MHz.. The FC-30BT Frequency Counter matches up to the Magnum's blue LED display. The unit has an on/off button and 3 lighting levels. April 7, 2011 - Been now running this as my base station for a while now with out any issues. Got to enjoy some of the DX conditions associated with cycle 24, Bulldog.


Mistah Gravy
04-07-2012, 04:01 PM
you really are trying to make me jealous aren't you BullDog??!!?? quite the ultimate set-up's you've got in your arsenal.
i am right now,building my base station starting from scratch.i had bought a really nice looking Cobra 148F off of eBay but i got it yesterday(Friday April 6th).i met the UPS driver at the end of my driveway because i was so excited to get it.i opened up the box,unwrapped it and put it right in my Jeep only to find out that it was DOA so i contacted the seller and i am shipping it back out on Monday for a refund.so now i have to find another radio but i believe it'll definitely be a 148F cause i love them.

plus i have an Antron 99 i have to hire someone to climb up a tree to mount it for me(i can't do it cause i have nerve damage in my left leg/foot/ankle).i actually have a brand new Antron99 and a used Antron99.gotta buy coax and an SWR meter along with the radio.then my base will be at it's start and can only grow from there.maybe one day i will have some nice room set up like you've got,but that takes time.anyways,nice set up(one more time!!).

04-07-2012, 05:29 PM
It sure takes time to get the station you want set up. Yes along the way there will be bumps in the road. You will buy stuff hoping for one thing and another will occur. These days everyone has stuff for sale but after the sale customer service is hard to come buy. Do your research, ask around, be patient and make calm choices, not spur of the moment choices. Take care Mistah Gravy.