View Full Version : Model XS201 Coaxial Switch

04-08-2012, 06:17 AM
A while ago I bought this XS-201 Skythumper coaxial switch fom Sparkys CB Shack. Like it because it had a good feel when switching and the case was very solid. The SO-239 jacks are of quality too. But in while my Cobra 2000 GTL seem to have developed an AC type hum when transmitting. Plus when I keyed up the SWR would slow go on the up climb. So I swapped microphones and did all the little tricks becasue there was a power supply located close by too. It baffled me and one day I took this coaxial switch out of line and all the problems went away! Torn apart the XS-201 and saw that the design is flawed allowing the power to arch to ground. What a piece of crap! Beware of anyones that look like this one. Skythumper, Workman and MFJ have simular ones, Bulldog.




Check out the black on the left! That block is part of the switch and ground/shield circuit. Comes way too close to the center/hot path!