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04-08-2012, 06:58 AM
Here is a close up of an Astatic #40007-0000 push to talk (PTT) momentary switch. Wire color code as follows: white-audio, shield-ground, black-receive (RX), red-transmit (TX), yellow-power, thin red wire-mic element, thin white wire-mic element (not hooked up to the PTT). This style of momentary switch is used in several brand microphones like Astatic 636L, Turner Road King 56 and Skythumper ST-65DX. Wiring codes may vary in other brands, Bulldog.





Mistah Gravy
04-10-2012, 12:44 PM
dang BullDog,where do you get all of this equipment that you pull apart and graciously share the results and information with us here?either you've got a very good job that allows you to have BD-Spending fund,or you have a CB shop locally with a bad or non-existant alarm system and a weak door lock lol just kidding.

really though,in the past couple of days i have seen more threads by you about a specific item that you've pulled apart and gone through and then shared your results here.that's pretty cool,thanks.we've got our own product review paned,BullDog-777!!!:thumbsup: