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Mistah Gravy
04-08-2012, 08:48 PM
last year when i got out of a pretty long hospital stay followed by a couple of weeks in a physical/occupational therapy hospital(to re-build muscle and re-learn how to walk and to hold items in my paws)i decided i needed a new hobby that wouldn't constantly be costing me.so i remembered how much i had enjoyed the CB back in the 1980's and 1990's so i went with getting back into the CB hobby(skip was a big part of the decision as it is cool to be able to talk to people all over the place).\

first thing i did was buy a Phil.made Cobra 148GTL which is a radio i had wanted for a long time but when i was younger i couldn't really afford it but now that i am older,i could.then i bought a Wilson 500 mag mount antenna and i used this antenna until i saw a Wilson 5000 mag mount,almost brand new condition at a local pawn shop for $25.00 ,can't beat that!!!

so i pulled the Wilson 500 off of the roof of my Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd.and began using the 5000.i currently run no more than 270peak watts and didn't "need" the 5000 but who could pass that deal up.

my question is about the 500.i was considering selling this antenna on eBay and began taking pictures of it and noticed that the tip to the stinger is missing and i have no clue as to what happened to it.
can i buy a new one(did they even come with tips like my Wilson 5000)and if i can buy a new one,where?i bought this antenna from HYelectronics but didn't see any tips for sale on there.

or can i list it without the tip,as long as i mention that in the description.does the tip make any difference with the performance of the antenna?i am so far,a plug-n-play kind of CB'er but i am trying to gain more technical knowledge.but for now i have to rely on you guys that have the knowledge and experience so i hope ya's don't mind ne picking your brains until i get the knowledge and experience under my belt.Gravy626

04-08-2012, 09:03 PM
If your just taking about that like little knob at the end of the stinger its just a static ball some have them some dont but no biggie if it went missing probably still tune perfect just keep it away from your eye lol

04-08-2012, 09:31 PM
FWIU for just a few hundred watts on 27 MHz they don't really do anything noticeable electrically .
it could save a eye on a trunk mount though .
i'd mention it's missing if you're selling it just to be up front about it .

Mistah Gravy
04-08-2012, 10:59 PM
lmao at they eye comments!! yeah i'll definitely mention that it is missing.i took a picture specifically showing the end of the antenna and the missing tip.that is one thing i definitely make sure of on all of my listings is describing the item to e "T" and also taking pictures to show any damage,scratches,blemishes or otherwise imperfections.i don't want anyone to buy something without fully knowing it's true condition.

i had a 19"LCD HDTV that i sold,it was unused but i had taken it out of the box(it was a store return from a store that i bought items in lots from during an auction)so the box was opened already.well,while i was putting it back in the box,i had something sharp in my other hand and i scratched the screen.

so i had to take new pictures.i used a 1000watt halogen light to highlight the scratches.the first sentence of my description was about the scratch(and missing stand)and i talked even more about the scratch and stand.that is mostly the topic of the description as i didn't want anyone to not know.

well the tv sold for around $50.00(originally a $300.tv)and the day the dork got it he messaged me telling me he was unhappy that the item wasn't as described,that there were scratches on the screen and it was missing the stand.DUH!! that's just about all i talked about in the auction descritption.long story short,after he tried using FeedBack Extortion and then had PayPal pull the money back from me.i called eBay and had them review everything including this guys threats in his emails and eBay was shocked that i continued to act professional with him and told me how well described my auction was.they ruled in my favor,gave me my money back and sent us both emails letting him know that they ruled in my favor.i hope they punished him in some way because he totally abused the reporting system and even eBay commented on his abuse of it on the phone to me.

anyways,thanks.i wasn't sure if i had lost it or something.i only had this antenna on my Jeep for about 6months and never hit anythind at all with it(i am careful with the height when i go places and if i need to i will remove the antenna).and my other concern was answered-will the lack of that ball on the tip effect tr/rx on a low level of wattage and considering it's a 500,nobody will be running a 16pill through it expecting top notch performance(other than an amber red antenna about to burst aflames lmao).thanks again-Gravy626