View Full Version : Going to breaks versus the price at the pumps

707 Lumpy Delaware
04-09-2012, 02:47 AM
This year I think alot of breaks are going to have a low turnout from people that aren't local to the areas where they are being held. Think about it you have a Suburban that without no alternators gets 15-17 mpg add 4 alternators and you loose 8 mpg on aVerage, and you have to travel for instance to Jacksonville thats about 1200 miles or so from Delaware alone and you have a fourty gallon tank at right now 3.89 a gallon that's 160.00 a fill up now multiply that by 3 that's 480.00 just to get there, not including the drive to and from the hotel , you would need to take at least 2000.00 just to have fun, and where are most of us going to get that from without going broke. Why does this always happen when it's an election year ?????

Mistah Gravy
04-09-2012, 10:14 AM
sheeesh.... since you put it that way it depresses even me Lumpy!!! lmao sad but true.i drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd.and i am out on disability right now so paying for local driving has been tough(although i've began a small biz on eBay),let alone drive out of state to a break.up until recently i was getting 12to14mpg locally(which is probably more of what those Burban's are getting)until i fixed my info control panel that tells me my gas mileage up to the second so i've been able to adjust my foot on the pedal and i've been averaging 18mpg around town.

anyways,i can only imagine what you guys in the Suburbans would be paying for a ticket in the gas for a round trip,i say pull the alternators if you are handy,put them in the back with all of your equipment and when you get to the break put them back on with the help of volunteers.i sure as shit would help(i don't know much about mechanics but can follow orders to get it done).i don't know for 100% that i will be able to make it but if business stays the way it has been over the last month then i will be coming.

i say screw sleeping in a hotel.YOU'VE GOT A SUBURBAN.... sleep in it!! if i can't afford(or i won't afford one)then i'll be sleeping in the back of my Jeep.i always have a power inverter.i have a small one at 200watts and a rather large one that has to get hooked directly up to the battery for 1500watts(running watts)so i can run any small appliance i may need.if i have a travel/storage trailer by then,then i'll be bringing along a bedroom worth of stuff along with my generator so anyone that'll need electricity that is also sleeping in their vehicle,can plug in.

but the point is-do what ya can to get to a break.i'd hate to go to my first ever break(if i can make it)and there not be anyone there.i am interested in making some good friends out of this thing of ours(the words of the Sopranos lol).

High Voltage Mobile NJ
04-09-2012, 08:13 PM
most people keep the other belts off for the drive down there . no need to worry about it just the price of gas sucks .

04-09-2012, 08:30 PM
I usually go to the Manchester Break in TN. every year...But I may have to miss this year...It's only 745 miles from my house to Manchester, but with Gas at $3.89+ I may stay home this year...

Even with 3 alternators my Suburban still gets decent mileage...But Filling up that 42 gallon gas tank with liquid gold makes for one expensive trip just to go to a CB Break....