View Full Version : This is what a no name amp can do !!!!

707 Lumpy Delaware
04-10-2012, 10:11 AM
Believe if it was a 3 pill hitting an 8 pill:

Mistah Gravy
04-10-2012, 12:27 PM
LMAO Lumpy,you've got some posts from really dedicated fans on that page huh?i love the "another illegal setup trashing the airwaves"...... yeah douche,the free airwaves.just because the gubba-ment says we need a license to operate certain equipment doesn't mean that you hammies own it.

anyways,i don't know much about what this amp should push with that many pills,but seems like you're running some hefty power in the mobile.i am wondering what you did to handle the power-bigger alternater(s)and bigger batter(y-ies)?

eventually i would like to end up buying a big amp for the base once it's set up.and a big amp for the mobile but for now i run these little Toshiba2870-2pills.am i good just running them to the battery with 12gauge on a stock battery/alternator?i get 270peak and 260 peak on each amp.i have been told how the Magnum2000 that i have is a good amp because of it's low power draw so i would imagine that is a good one to run in the mobile without upgrading my power source.