View Full Version : No pic available of setup for a few weeks now

707 Lumpy Delaware
04-10-2012, 10:58 AM
Wanted to post a pic of my setup, but was involved in a collision yesterday. It really sucks, because now I have tu rerun all my wires, but when I get my van back I will post a pic of my setup.

Mistah Gravy
04-10-2012, 12:18 PM
oh man that sucks.hope everyone involved is all right.my brother(45years old)took my parents Acura a couple of months ago(only a couple of months after they had paid it off after paying for 3years)one morning without asking them and it was a cold morning with ice on the ground.on his way back he hit a patch of ice and slammed into a tree and completely totalled it.my folks were rip shit and didn't speak to him for a couple of days.
yeah they had rental insurance(we all have rental on our policies...it snows up here lol)but it's just a huge inconvenience when your own vehicle gets in an accident.

hell,a month and a half after my 18/yo daughter got her license(and a month after i put ins.on my Jeep-in NH you don't have to have insurance on your car if you don't want it),my daughter was backing out of a parking spot at a frien'ds apartment and hammered her girlfriend's passenger door.thank God i had insurance because it caused $900.00 worth of damage to my rear bumper and at least $1,500 to the girls car.i couldn't afford it right now,to pay for the damage.

granted my damage doesn't prohibit me from driving,i just need a new bumper cover.but the whole insurance claim process is a pain in the ass in itself.it took me a month and a half to get the check because my policy was so new and they are suspicious of accidents like this(which i understand,but a month and a half?).i finally got the check,minus the co-pay or whatever you call it,and used it to pay some bills.i am going to fix it by buying a new/used bumper cover which i've seen as cheap as $50 but i'd need to have it painted gold to match my Jeep and have someone install it so i figure with about $300 my Jeep will be back to shape.

point,accidents suck.i just added the rest as commentary and to let ya know i feel the pain!!