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04-11-2012, 02:34 AM
On my base station set up I use the Solarcon IMAX 2000 with a GPK (Ground Plane Kit). It is mounted to 20' of heavy duty mast and 3' tripod. Got the guy wires and turnbuckles installed. No issues in 4 years. I do operate with a handicap. A wall of pine trees behind the house but I manage to enjoy local and DX communications. So I am using 400 series coaxial cable with the silver plated teflon PL-259 connectors and Diamond CX310A coaxial switch box. Grounded with a Hyperlink Technologies grounding kit and Erico 5/8"x8' copperbonded ground rod. I have a Magnum Raptor, Cobra 2000 GTL and Radios Shack DX-394 share the use of the IMAX 2000. All in all it is an easy antenna to assemble and performs very well within its design. From ground to tip is about 60', Bulldog.





Mistah Gravy
04-11-2012, 11:03 AM
this is great because i recently bought an Antron99(yes it is my 1st base antenna lol)and have been asking around about grounding and everything i'll need to do to put the antenna up in a tree properly.you've got pictures and this helps a wicked lot.
man i love seeing the snow piled up so high.your trees behind the house reminds me of my set up.i've got pictures in my profile if you want to take a look.and my concern would also be about getting out and hearing because my town(Litchfield,NH)is a low lying town compared to the town before and the city after us.i guess as you drive into my town the earth goes down,therefore it's gonna take me a little more to get out there.

i didn't get the gpk for my Antron.i had more people telling me it doesn't add enough to warrant purchasing it so i skipped it.there's this one tree in my yard(in my profile pics,the bare tree by my shed)it's about 35ft.tall i hope when i get my antenna up,that i get out and am able to hear well.thanks for all the pics BullDog.the grounding is nice and i can definitely take notes.

04-11-2012, 04:55 PM
Mistah Gravy nothing wrong with an Antron 99. Very popular antenna and they get out. Yup, high is might, good coax and with some watts behind it you will do fine. As far as grounding your set up I am not expert but too many grounding wires may actually cause more noise on the receive. The best protection in a lightning storm is disconnect the antenna. Below is the products I use on the IMAX 2000 and discone scanner antenna.

HT-GK400 - http://www.l-com.com/item.aspx?id=20935
Eritech Copperbonded Ground Rods - http://www.erico.com/products/copperbonded.asp

Mistah Gravy
04-11-2012, 07:01 PM
coax-yes,the main reason my antenna sits on the side of my house lying in the bushes.attached to the gamvalized 12ft.fence post..... because i am opting to begin at the ending point-LMR400.i was considering the DB but if i bury the wire i would prefer to pipe it.it's just an aesthetic preference.i know nobody will see it once it's buried but if it gets dug up it'll have a better chance of survival should someone hit it,if it is piped(pvc).but the cost of the LMR is what is making me wait.gotta save up for it(and the grounding set up as well).

i could go with a slightly more cost effective coax but if i ever want to run more than a couple hundred watts(eventually)then i will end up needing the LMR400 anyways,well not necessarily but for the absolute best results then i will need it.i don't plan on running 10k out of my base but i'd like the option to be able to should i want.

but in closing,i thank you BullDog for the links.i wasn't sure where i would buy the grounding items and now i know where to go and also have reference and exact listing to what i need.thank you-Gravy626

04-11-2012, 07:14 PM
It is always good to ask & shop around. No matter what you use i may be a good idea to mark the area so folks do not disturb the connection to your ground rod! Pin wheel for Spring, Summer & Fall. The yellow rod for the Winter months, Bulldog.


white knite
09-03-2012, 11:35 PM
Hi there BullDog, I am running an Imax 2000 as well but without the ground plane kit. It's on a pushup pole mounted at the peak at the end of my house with an antena bracket from Radio Shack. The mounting bracket is @ 19' high giving me only about 13' of pole unsupported which was a great improve ment from where it was. I'm not sure about the actual length on the Imax but I am guessing it's around 55' foot to the tip of the antenna and it works very well.