View Full Version : RF Limited CR577 Amplified Microphone

04-13-2012, 02:13 PM
Here is the RF Limited CR577 amplified microphone with tone control. About the same size and style as the Xtreme 2018. Almost like they used the same covers and did minor changes. The cord is flexable and light. The square sized microphone body is something to gt use to, yet easy to key up. Now the performance aspect of this one. Sounded pretty good in the mobile. The effectiveness of the tone control was good. Overall quality was good. But and repeat but when used on any of my base units there was a light transformer type of hum. This was the first microphone to have this issue. I did all the grounding techniques as suggested. Heck it was even sent out to their tech and a "base station" mod was done. That included an additional cap to the audio circuit to the microphone. Same issues as other folks were having. In the end I returned the microphone. Others reported the same issue and a few has better luck. In my opinion the microphone was picking up AC current. Any mobile or base running on AC, hum. A mobile on a battery in the house, hum. A mobile in a vehicle, no hum. This one consumed a lot of my time testing but yet I learned. A microphone with tone control can be great to match your voice, Bulldog.