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Mistah Gravy
04-13-2012, 03:03 PM
Hi again folks,it's me Mistah Gravy(A.K.A.Gravy626 New Hampsha[color=red]H MOBEEEEYILLLL.some of ya's may have or have not seen one of my over-posted raves about the Cobra148F GTL that i bid on and won for $183.99 plus shipping(just a few .01c's shy of two hundy beanziez....um,yeah that was totally gay lol).

then some of you may have seen my pancking posts about needing a tech to take a look at it because whe i got it i ran it right over to my Jeep to check it out and it would not turn on/power-up.to make a long story shor-(get it,i made it short by leaving out the "t" i'm on a roll here!!! anyways i returned it and got a refund(he says he's hooked it up right to his battery and it works fine but i said i'd just rather end it and get a refund and move on).i was looking at a few brand new radios and in fact i do plan on eventually buying a 10meter radio sometime in the future.

but the other day i was trolling the New Hampshire CraigsList for CB radios and found an ad for a Cobra 2000GTL.it included a Cobra DynaMike desktop microphone and one original 2000GTL speaker.there are two switches on the front which i believe are for upper/lower channels because when i toggle the red one up or down the frequency counter does change frequencies.the ad stated that the seller knew nothing about the radio as they had inherited it.they listed a price for it but i don't want to reveal that yet.i would like to know what people believe this radio is worth.i may kind of still be on the fence on whether i keep it or sell it.about an hour ago i had decided i would keep it and just sell off one of my 148GTL's and a small 2-pill(ToshibaSC-2879's)that puts out 270watts peak,in order to recoup some of the cost of the 2000GTL.i did plan on buying the 2000GTL in order to sell it through my business on eBay but after getting this radio in my Jeep and seeing the good condition it is in,i wanted it because i don't believe i will find another good deal like this one on a radio in what i feel to be in such good shape.i'd just like some opinions on it's true worth.i do believe i got a wicked good deal but would like to hear it from people that know better than i.thanks in advance for any opinions.here are a couple of pictures:

04-13-2012, 05:43 PM
well , here in the midwest (il.) cobra 2k's with 1 speaker are fetching 300 - 425, with both spkrs 450-500 mind you with no extras #s
thats also not doing the e-gay thing either.
mine i picked up at a yard sale for 20 bucks without spkrs with the expo 100 expansion kit installed on a rotary switch, so no extra holes to detract from restoring if needed ,
its a decent talker , as some can say from here @cbjunkies
dont expect much on output from these old 2k's , so from a buyers standpoint .
from what the pics dictate 150 -175 would be tops IMHO IF your wanting to flip it to make a profit
and no more than 200-250 as a keeper? unless you give it a good look in and out , and run it through some paces.

there are a lot of variables to judge before pealing out the green backs for a 30yr old radio thats been modded with who knows what imho.

Mistah Gravy
04-14-2012, 12:48 AM
i got it for $125.and i am definitely going to keep it.soon i'll have it looked at and tuned/aligned and anything else to just tighten it up.i messed with those little switches and they are extra channels.i haven't opened up the case yet,not that i would get any info from looking since i don't yet know much about that end of it all.i am still a plug-n-play'er and don't have much technical knowledge under my belt/hat.

up here in New Hampshire/Mass,CB's aren't too popular(as it seems to still be more south and west)but this guy had a ton of people wanting to come and buy it but because i was first in line and could meet him first i got to purchase it.i actually purchased it only having it turn on and light up.i figured worst could happen is i get a 2000gtl case,pull everything out and go from there.i imagine i could have been able to fit a lot of radio and options under this large hood!!

but,for mobile radios the 148F is still my top pick(but i do have my eye on two other radios,one a 10meter/am and the other is a Ranger 148F look alike but it's a great radio,ii just don't remember the model number offhand).and the 2000GTL is my all time favorite when it comes to bases.i was considering flipping this on eBay as that is what i now do for business but then decided that i doubt to hell that i would come across another very nice condition 2000GTL for $125 in a long time so i am going to keep this and just sell off one of m 148GTL's along with a little 2-pill amp to try and recoup most/some/or all of my money.if i can recoup more than half then i will be very happy although i would have liked to see how it went on eBay.i would start the bidding out at $1,225.00 like that other dipshit with a 2000GTL.i can't believe that guy is really attempting to sell it at that price even if it just came out of a sealed box as NOS he's totally high.i wouldn't pay $500 for NOS 2000GTL(although i am a cheap prick at times but i wouldn't).

the way it sits right now i could list it back on Craisglist and get $200 within a day or two.not sure if i could get much more.there are stil avid CB'ers up here but not too many.it's a dying breed up here.there is still a crew on the air in my area that used to be on back in the 80's and early 90's before i left in 1993 but not even half the amount....although i do live further away from alot of them so maybe i am just not hearing them.i figure after i get the base antenna and base radio room set up i should be able to get a better idea of how many people are in the area and still on the air.

while waiting for my daughter to get out of work at the local BestBuy in the city right next to my town,i made a couple of local contacts that i believe i will be able to pick up on the base.my next purchase will be the LMR400 coax and then i'll have the guy that i spoke to,come over and put my antenna up in the tree.he charges $40 per hour and i figure he'll be here 2hours tops....3 if hw stretches it.i'll maybe also hire him to help me set up a good ground rod system if he doesn't take too long putting the antenna up.i'd rather he make a fair amount of money for coming out here than get up in the tree,put the antenna up and he's done in an hour or less(1hour minimum)and only walks away with $40 and spent $15 in gas to get here.