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Mistah Gravy
04-27-2012, 10:00 AM
O.K. i'm still not set up to transmit yet.i still have to buy some coax(money's been tight)and hire this guy that i've spoken to that installs all kinds of antennas locally.he's gonne climb my chosen tree and put my Antron99 up as high as possible.then i also have to buy and install the grounding stuff(lightning)and then i should be all set..i've just had some financial set backs and have had to put my money there.

anyways,this guy listed a Cobra2000GTL on Craigslist and i met him and bought it.i only tested it to make sure it turned on and i could hear transmissions.i used my power inverter along with my Wilson 5000 on my Jeep.then when i got home i hooked it up to house power and got a tx report and it sounded fine they told me.i am going to send it out to have it looked at and properly tuned and aligned by a great radio tech(thanks to Bulldog for the tech's info).so here are a couple of pictures.as you can see on the front there are two toggle switches for extra channels that i'll have to map soon.once everything is actually set up the way i want it then i'll post up pictures of the finished radio transmitting room!!Gravy-Unit626-New Hampshire!!

P.S.This radio seems close to mint.the advertisement stated that they knew nothing about the radio as it was inherited.it also came with ALL THE ORIGINAL PAPERWORK!!! pretty cool if you ask me!! Oh,and that Cobra Desk-Mic that is in the picture,is dead so i'll be using one of my Cobra Mobile mic's or a SuperStar(I think that's the name of it)until i eventually get a nice desk mic.


04-27-2012, 05:38 PM
Mistah Gravy in my opinion the radio looks like it was not treated with the respect as it should. Far for being mint condition with all those digs and scratches. The poor girl is in rough shape. Hopefully when it is checked out he won't find stuff that would through up a red flag. Now on the other hand this radio would be a good canidate to be refaced, digital displays changed to blue which comes with the new lens. You could do so much to the radio but it will take some with and money.

Black Mats
04-27-2012, 11:59 PM
i agree with bulldog. She looks rough but with some care she can be back to "mint" condition

Mistah Gravy
04-28-2012, 12:18 AM
rough shape? i'm not sure i am seeing it as rough shape,even for a radio that is probably 20 years old(i have no way of knowing how old it is....is there a way to tell).but i'm only seeing scratches on the lenses.i honestly don't see dings and scratches and it being in rough shape to be honest with you guys.i've got a 148gtl that i would consider to be in rough shape but i can't say that i would personally consider this rough.
not looking to argue with you guys(this is where maturity shines through,when opposing opinions can be expressed and talked about and i know you guys have maturity and is why i feel i can oppose and ask for more regarding your opinions).i've seen other gtl's for sale on eBay in rougher shape go for twice what i paid for this($125).

as far as doing things to this radio,i don't know if i would want to do much more than have it tuned/aligned to properly tx/rx.maybe if i found another 2000gtl in the future i would expirement with that radio but this being my first 2000GTL and having wanted one for a long time,i would want to keep it as stock as possible.if there are things(like the re-facing)that should be done to bring it back to stock/factory looking condition then i'd be happy to go down that route but i honestly didn't think it was in that rough of shape.

can you guys give me a little more info on why you say it looks rough because i've got it five feet from me and it still has that shine to it and other than some scuffs and maybe a ding or two,it looks very nice.maybe not mint(i may have stretched it a bit because i am partial to it and am still excited and happy that i was able to pick up one for so cheap compared to what i've seen them go for).i agree that i am looking at the channel lens and it has scuff marks but again,for a 20 or so year old radio(would i be right in that age assumption?)it's not in bad shape at all.

now if i am wrong about the age and it's actually only a couple of years old,then maybe it should be in better shape for it's age but i am under the impression that it is 20 or so years old and when i put that into the equation,that is how i consider it to be in very good shape.

thanks for the feedback already,and if you guys can help me understand your opinions more,i'd definitely appreciate that so i have a better understanding.thanks-Gravy626

Black Mats
04-28-2012, 05:28 PM
dont take it the wrong way gravy. I sat down for a few minutes and really looked at the pics and the pics are kind of fuzzy

Mistah Gravy
04-29-2012, 01:48 AM
i didn't necesraily take itthe wrong way.but i am confused because i can't really see it as rough....but again,you guys are more experienced here so maybe what i may consider near mint,you guys consider in rough shape.i am totally receptive to you guys' opinions and welcome them,and also respect them.i am the last guy to get pissy or want to argue,especially when i am trying to make contacts and hopefully friends here.

my camera does tend to take less than prefect pictures.i wish i had the camera and the abilities to take perfect pictures that Bulldog posesses.he always has the most clear and crispy pictures.my sister does ahve an $800 slr camera that i can borrow tomorrow and take more pictures and upload them.then i will re-ask for your opinions.if then,you guys still say it's rough shape then i'll look into some of those new faceplates(i prefer to stay stock color though).thanks and definitely,i didn't take it the wrong way.i will say that i was confused and shellshocked but i welcomed the opinions.thanks,Gravy626

Gordon Gekko
04-29-2012, 04:33 AM
Here's something to start with; anytime you have a radio that is missing a knob...the use of the word "mint" goes flying right out the window.

Mint means flawless. So the missing knob, the 2 toggles on the front, the scratch on the channel display window all take away value. 20 years ago the more mods you had done to a radio, the more switches, buttons, bells, and whistles--the more valuable. Today it's just the opposite. The more stock a radio, the more desirable it is.

Back to your 2000. She's not a total pig, in fact it's really not that bad at all. The pitting on the plastic faux chrome--nothing you can do about that. However you can get a new knob, get a new ch. display window, wipe it down with denatured alcohol (very delicately around the knobs) and it will be fine.

Just hope you didnt pay too much for the radio

Mistah Gravy
04-30-2012, 12:31 AM
don't close that window just yet Gordon,i didn't notice that i had taken pictures without the knob on.that knob was on my counter upstairs and was the last one that i was cleaning and forgot to put it back on.i guess the radio had been sitting for a while before i bought(as the people had said in their advertisement)because there was dirt around each knob and they had to be removed and scrubbed with a cloth.i put each knob in a soft towel and scrubbed inside all of the noooks-n-crannies of each knob.it was something that couldn't be done with the knobs on(i always leave out something).as far as the toggles switches,i personally have no use for the extra channels and would rather have it removed and have the holes filled in to look as if nothing had ever been done to it.but compared to some of the big gawdy knobs,those toggles are much cleaner looking,much much smaller and ledss of an eyesore but up here in New Hampshire i bet that i could sit on anyone or all of those extra channels and be lucky to talk to one person on any of them,in a weeks time.-the knob-->(my bad)it does in fact have all of the knobs and isn't missing anything at all.in fact,it even came with the original paperwork including the factory schematic and other papers that were sold with the radio originally so i would imagine that the included paperwork would bring it up a notch or two closer to mint.now i probably didn't necessarily mean mint as in it just came from the factory yesterday but i doubt that i would be able to find another 2000GTL in the same condition for the same price or even close.i've always checked around on the prices and have seen radios in less decent condition for close to double what i paid for.and just to clarify, i said close to mint,not mint now that i think about it(and scrolled back up to double check my memory).i will do the cleaning with the alcohol and use my sister's real camera.my camera does tend to take low quality pictures and i definitely need to buy a new one considering that my new business venture is somewhat very dependant on a good camera and the pictures it can or can not take.i'd like to know what kind/make/model of camera Bulldog uses.i wonder if it's one of those SLR cameras because if it is,then i'll definitely make sure i use her camera from now on so i get more clear and better defining pictures.

anyways,i'll try to remember to do the cleaning with the alcohol(i still haven't messed with it much,bought it brought it home and got a couple on air reports and since then it's just sat on my desk waiting for me to have my antenna installled up in the tree in my yard that i've chosen.
all-right,i am literally falling asleep as i write this(lmao-i am wicked tired and was up very late last night working and i am going to be awake tonight for another hour or two trying to catch up on work that i've been trying to catch up on all weekend that should have been done by this past Thursday.as it is now i am going to be behind tomorrow because i have to leave the house in the morning at about 6am and i won't be home until probably 2or3pm.by that time i'll be a day or so behind already and i'll be awake late tomorrow night again trying to catch up.but it's all worth it since i am working extra so i can save up my extra pennies for something that i've really wanted and needed for some time now.

thanks again for the posts.Gordon,welcome to the thread and thanks for your input as well.especially letting me know to use the alcohol to clean it.i hadn't cleaned the whole radio(other than the knobs)because i wasn't sure if just plain warm water and a soft cloth would suffice.i'll do all that's been mentioned(the knob has since been put back on lol)and then take pictures with my sister's real camera if i remember and if i have the time and then i'll post them to see if it's looking any better.g'night folks,Gravy-626 New HampshaH!!

Mistah Gravy
04-30-2012, 12:32 AM
holy sheep-dip,that post is long and i don't expect anyone to read all of it.i wouldn't!!!!!

Gordon Gekko
04-30-2012, 05:09 AM
OK Gravy good deal. Glad you have the knobs.

Go to any paint (or probably hardware) store and get a quart of Denatured Alcohol. It works well if you put it in a small bowl and remove the knobs and soak them in the bowl of alcohol. Just be careful when wiping off the knobs that you don't remove any of the markings.

You can also use a Q-tip (soak it in the alcohol) to get hard to reach places on the radio.

Keep an eye out on ebay for replacement parts. You may stumble across a new channel display lens or whatever. Lastly if you need a faceplate for it: Deb's Decals. She can make you anything you want--perfectly stock or custom. Contact: Debsdecals@gmail.com

Last thing, if you are going to be writing a post at great length, break it up into paragraphs. Easier on the eyes ya know!

Mistah Gravy
04-30-2012, 01:03 PM
thanks a lot for the tips.i like to use q-tips with the small parts clean ups and will definitely be something i'll have to use on this since there is dirt caked in a couple of areas too small to wipe with anything other than a q-tip.
i had spoken with someone at Deb's a while back and they helped locate the right camo i was looking for on a faceplete i was going to buy(never ended up buying it cause i got bust with other stuff and plum forgot).but i didn't know they did custom work?sweet!!

and i had been doing good about breaking my long ass winded posts up,but last night i was honestly writing a line or two and then nodding off sitting in my bed with the laptop on my lap(felt like a crackhead or heroine addict nodding off while doing something lmao).so i didn't realize how long it was first, and then didn't actually notice that it was all smudged together.you're definitely right about it being easier on the eyes when you break it up. a buddy of mine told me the same thing about two months ago and i began doing so and it did make for a much easire read,

so now i'll double check before i hit the enter button,to make sure that it isn't all jammed together.i personally wouldn't want to read that friggin thing!!thanks again for the tips and Deb's is the only other place i'd use(i've used a place called mtndewnuts.com or something like that for some lights and they also have faceplates but Deb's is top of the list).all righty,gotta run back out.talk to you guys soon and thanks again for the tips!

10-30-2012, 03:35 PM
The camera may not be the best and the flash could distort . I know what everyone says mint is . Thats what I try to collect . I bought a Sears roadtracker Base in mint condition but it had no plug . The plug was impossible to find . I saw another Roadtracker with a couple of scratches ; but had the plug . Collecting vintage radios is somewhat tricky . As time goes on it gets worst . Use another camera and if it has a strong flash put a light cloth the flash to mute it . Soon I will be hunting down oe of those Cobras. Good luck with your equiptment