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08-09-2012, 11:04 AM
I have just signed on here been out of cb radio for 35 yrs and decided to give it another go and so far really am enjoying it. I seen to like the old tubers the most but may be because i"m a old tuber to start with.I am just starting to learn how to work on them and it can be a handful of problems so thats why I have been joining some forums to get answers and maybe help someone else if possible. I am a retired Tool Die Maker Maintence Tech 3 but it has only helped some when it comes to electronics or cb radios so I need help big time some times. I wish everyone the very best and thank you.

08-09-2012, 03:57 PM
Welcome to the forum Jimbo.

08-09-2012, 04:14 PM
Welcome Jimbo to CB Junkies!

Stacy Adams
08-09-2012, 04:57 PM
Welcome to the forum. Good bunch here.

08-10-2012, 05:00 AM
Welcome to the board enjoy!!

08-10-2012, 05:01 AM
Best advice for those old tubers keep one hand in your pocket while working on them and build a chicken stick