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D-MAX 2112
12-08-2011, 10:42 AM
Anyone ever heard/use a digital vector LP100?.. http://www.telepostinc.com/lp100.html ... I was thinking with a bird setup you need all the dual line sections, slugs, meters.. and im thinking the cost is higher then this unit. This unit has many functions.
If i wanted to put this up front in the burban.. should i run 1/2 superflex to it ya think?

01-02-2012, 12:38 AM
Sorry so late on catching this and hopefully you have not ordered it. But I can tell you that this meter is a POS from experience if you are running a bigger system. The 10KW coupler is not capable of what they claim......

I can say it was accurate with my Bird... but as I was using it I found that the coupler would start screwing up after a little talk time on it. Then after it would cool... It would go back to working correct.

It is a great meter to check out the system... But not to leave in line. Stick with a bird if you are wanting a accurate meter to leave in line.
(This is what the 10KW coupler looked like when I got this meter)

This is far from 10 KW..... So by his claims... I should not have had any problems.

D-MAX 2112
01-02-2012, 05:07 PM
Hey thanks..thats great info... i decided to go the bird route..wasnt cheap. Was attractive due to cost and if it was accurate reliable..would have been a great idea.
Im a rookie ..just getting going on this surburban project.

Thanks Again

Keith- aka D-MAXX- 2112NJ

01-09-2012, 08:26 AM
Glad to find this out because i had thought about replacing my bird meters with this after i saw it on a youtube video

01-09-2012, 07:11 PM
As far as being accurate. It is spot on with bird. I just happen to find out leaving in line, that it would have the intermittent problems after talking on it for a while with a 32 pill. I will look in another forum real quick for my breakdown of what was happening after I noticed this. Will post it up in a bit.

01-09-2012, 07:31 PM
For those wondering why I was having problems with my mobile lately...... Being I bought the 32 pill used.... I thought maybe a preexisting problem with box. But when it killed my 24 pill Ghettoblaster which I had owned since day one with no problems. Not even a hickup in my previous system.... Time to go back and look at the new meter I put into the mobile.

Here is what I have observed so far....... Still testing it though.

Keyed with barefooted radio and talked for over 15 mins....... No Problems. Done this 3 times

Keyed with straight one driving straight two for 10 mins........ No Problems. Done this 3 times

Keyed with 8 pill in line for 10 mins..... talking local............... No Problems. Done this 2 times

Got 24 pill completed 2 days ago........
Keyed and talked on it........ 6 mins into the 10 mins and these weird ###### readings start showing up again........... So I stopped testing that night.

Next night after work....... I did not make it 6 mins before the readings would do it again.

So I check SWR on antenna with MFJ... Still good.

Read SWR going through coupler........ Not good. (The number that I was seeing on meter was telling me 3.07..... On MFJ 3.15) So the readings are close enough to compare.

I took a 2 hour break.

Read swr through meter...... 1.11
MFJ.................................... 1.08 Still comparable.


Put heat through it again with 24 pill........ made it 8 mins this time before funky ###### swrs show up.

Checked antenna
SWRs on MFJ direct to antenna........ 1.09 50.7 ohms
SWRs on LP100A............................ 5.67
MFJ through coupler 3.2 78.2 ohms,,,,,,,,

Checked this morning no power at all through coupler.......

Looked at my ohms....... Direct to antenna....... 50.6
Looked though coupler.................................... 50.6

I think something is going wrong through either the sampler coil going to the pc board inside the coupler...... Or something on the pc board is changing value after a little heat is applied.

No big watts through the meter.... People should be fine. BIG WATTS need to stay with Bird is my opinion. I believe even big watts should be ok if they just use it to check the system out.... And not run it in system all the time........

This probably is going to be the extent of my testing to it. I done have bought enough pills...
To lazy to retype this post.....LOL

D-MAX 2112
01-09-2012, 07:39 PM
Yes the guy who built my amp sent me a video of it on this meter - same reason i thought of getting it... but good deal on a bird setup came thru so im full of birds. Anyone have 5k slug and a 50w slug?

Mistah Gravy
03-31-2012, 04:50 AM
i've asked many radio people what the best meter(s) is to have and every single person says Bird and also Dosy(if you can't afford a Bird).i am currently putting together a base station(have the radio,small amp for now til i can afford a real amp,and an Antron 99)and i plan on getting a meter real soon.i was looking at the Workman's and Astatics but have decided to wait on making a purchase on a meter until i can afford a Bird or Dosy.i still need to buy the coax which i am also holding off for and saving up more money so i can affor the LMR400(probably the direct bury although i would rather pipe it in conduit so i may not spend the extra on the LMR 400DB).

i figure that i'm only going to want to(and afford to)set up the equipment once so i want to get as good of equipment as i can afford so i'm holding out and saving up for the LMR400 and a Dosy or Bird.most likely a Dosy because it's not as expensive and from what i've seen you don't have to buy those "slugs" which i know nothing about really.i like to just plug-n-play with most stuff i buy.
sure,eventually i'll go with a higher end antenna,most likely a beam but definitely something more high end than an Antron 99.dont get me wrong,the A99's are good antennas and i've always heard good things about them,but they aren't a Maco or Yagi or Moonraker or other like antenna.that and the amp are probably the only items that i will change out most likely.of course i'll probably always be looking at different amps until i get up into the 1K watt or more range.once i get up that high i'll sit on it for a while.i live too close to a somewhat major airport and don't need the FCC/FAA all over me taking me out i cuffs and cutting my coax and knocking down my door and then antenna.lol