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Mistah Gravy
10-04-2012, 03:16 PM
hey guys,i live in a small farm town in New Hampshire as some of you may know from my past posts.we have a town down that we bring our trash to(transfer station).we can choose to hire one of a couple trash companies to come and pick up our trash from our house but they don't have any sort of recycling system....you throw anything you wish to throw away,into the barrel and they haul it away.

i'm not a dirty hippie or smelly tree hugger but i recycle as much as possible.the only reason i won't recycle something is if my local town down doesn't have a program.

so anyways,there is a room at our local dump where there is a large table.on this table people put things for others to have if they wish or need.i put good stuff there all of the time and i see good stuff there all of the time.

on the floor near this table is where i find a lot of used and most of the time, dead UPS systems.once in a while i find a fully working UPS system.i currently have my phone,modem,and router hooked up to a fully working UPS system that i found at the dump.

my question is this-could any of you guys use a broken or even if lucky,working UPS system.i know i have read in the past that somebody uses the transformers or something,out of these UPS systems to build power supplies.i'd be happy to grab and UPS system i see and mail it out as long as you(whomever would like a UPS or multiple UPS systems)pay for the cost to pack and ship.i figure at most i would use a buck or two of shipping materials that i purchase for my eBay business.don't mean to sound cheap,it's more so because i am broke and every penny matters right now especially where i am saving up for Christmas for my two kiddo's.

so if you'd like me to grab UPS systems and you'll take them dead or alive then send me a message at My2ndSaleGoods@Yahoo.com and please put "UPS Power Supplies" or "RE:CBJunkies Thread".

you can reply in here and i'll do my best to look for the message but you'd get to me faster by direct email contact,and plus it's a first come first serve basis.meaning if someone emails me and asks for two UPS systems i'll hook them up with their two,first.i usually see at least one of these per week and some weeks i get lucky and there will be two and even three of them.sometimes there are really nice UPS systems(although most likely dead)because even though this is a small farm town,some of the farmers have sold a little bit of their land to developers so we've not only got homes like mine(middle class under $500k)we've got quite a few high end neighborhoods with somewhat rich folk.therefore we do get some nice stuff including these UPS power systems.

word up,Gravy626

P.S.if any of ya's know anyone that buys these things or parts from them then let me know.i'm always looking for new ways to make extra money and could really use it.

10-05-2012, 05:11 PM
Ill take some! Lol

Mistah Gravy
10-06-2012, 09:06 AM
o.k. you're first on the list.when i get one,or any amount of working or dead UPS supplies i will send you a message on here.

on a side note/question: i also see those bump-boxes there as well,usually always dead/non-working.these are the jump-starter boxes that you buy at auto-parts stores..... does anyone have any use for those?

Noise,i will contact you as soon as i come across any UPS systems.