View Full Version : Power supply from a big 255amp battery charger/jump box

01-14-2013, 10:28 PM
My work was throwing out a BIG!! battery charger/jump box. You know the ones that have the wheels on them and you can select the 255amp jump setting. Just wondering if anyone has ever modded one of these for a big DC power supply to run a Mobile amp. Only thing wrong with the charger is that its beat up on the outside, works fine otherwise. I'd like to attempt to make a big power supply so I could run a big dc box on my base set up. I'd like to run probably 12pills do you think its enough or should I try and find another one and stack the transformers, or rewire for 220V and then regulate down to say 16volts? Ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated. I know enough about electricity to know that I don't want to get shocked, as well as some basic principles. Building a powersupply from the ground up is not one of the principles that I'm familiar with.

01-15-2013, 08:33 AM
Never thought about using one of them. I have an old NAPA standup charger/jumper in the shed.

01-15-2013, 03:40 PM
FWIU they are very noisy RF wise . also see if you can find out the duty cycle of the charger . i doubt it's %100 at the amps you'll need for a 12 pill if you run it at %200 - %300 of the pills rated power they way most CB'ers will run them ....... not that 255 amps is enough for 3600 watts .

but try it and let us know your results .

01-19-2013, 08:15 PM
You should check the offline voltage