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Mistah Gravy
02-01-2013, 11:22 AM
what's up guys,i am just wondering if anyone knows anyone that buys those dead UPS systems.ya know,the back up battery/power devices that you plug your PC into in the event of a power outage you have them as back up power so you can shut your system down properly.

anyways,i heard a while back that some people that build shit,use these in their builds of whatever it is they build and that they buy these dead UPS systems for the transformers or something like that.

i've got two of them and they're both nice.one is bigger than the other one.either i'd like to sell 'em or trade 'em.i just don't remember who buys them and i really don't want to travel over to muddy waters to ask them because i know one of them over there would know(over there/muddy waters=that other site).

thanks and 73's(<---i believe that is the term i've heard in the past from old timers.if i am wrong,my apologies)