View Full Version : Sonar FS2340 and Demco Modulator hook up

02-03-2013, 12:35 PM
Does anyone know if i hooked up a Demco Modulator to my Sonar
FS 2340 . Can i use a powered D104 or does it have to be a non-powered D104? If i have a mod that gives me two levels of DeadKey and Swing would it make a difference
? MOD#1:
Switch one in up position gives me 3w DK and swings to 12w??
Switch one in down position gives me 6w DK and swings to 12w
Which of these two should i use with the Demco hooked up to Sonar?
I know its two quesiton but please set me straight before i make some smoke and we all know that tubes and iC's do not work without that smoke........

01-20-2015, 04:38 PM
I know this post is years old but in case anyone ever reads this question and need an answer here it is. The sonar fs2340 and demco modulator can only be comboed if the audio clippers board is bypassed. The demco and fs 2340 with the clippers board bypassed should only be used with an unaplified mic (d104 ect.ect.) . The combination of the demco and an amplified mic eill be to much on the 6bq5's. If you really feel like you want to use a power/amplified mic in combination with a demco modulator I would suggest you leave the mic's volume turned down as low as possible. The fs 2340 with bypassed clippers board demco modulator and u namplified d104 sounds incredible. In my opinion it's the best sounding tube 40 channel cb radio ever made.