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10K antennas have been in production since 2001, with over 60 years of combined aerospace and machine experience guarntees the finest products available. Accept nothing less!
Thank you to all our supporters in the past eight plus years.
The Interceptor 10,000 is a Commercial Grade 5/8 Wavelength Ground Plane Antenna, that can be adjusted to operate within its 1.3MHz bandwidth from 24.8 to 44 MHz.

The Interceptor 10,000 or I-10K, is made from 6063 T-8 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tubing, and is internally reinforced with the same high grade tubing at the mechanical stress points. This reinforcing allows for a 100+ MPH wind rating.
The I-10K uses high grade Stainless Steel Hardware and clamps through out the antenna.
A Hairpin / Beta Impedance Matching System is used to allow the I-10K to be assembled to be a 5/8 Wavelength Antenna, while matching the coax impedance to the I-10K antenna impedance.
The Hairpin / Beta Impedance Matching System is a very low loss system that has no wire coils or capacitors to burn out or cause significant loss. The I-10K has been tested at 10 KW without experiencing any damage.
When the I-10K replaces non-ground plane type antennas, interference to neighbors consumer electronics is usually eliminated or significantly reduced. A Top Hat is used to reduce atmospheric noises and static. All Parts of the I-10K Antennas are at DC Ground for added lightning protection.

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very well constructed antenna that will survive much harsher weather than most and handle more power .
but don't expect it to tx or rx better than than any other properly designed 5/8 in a similar install .

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At another member's request, here is my review of my new Interceptor 10k base. It is installed on top of my tower at about 100 feet.

The detailed instructions were easy to follow and assembly took about 30 minutes. Tuning was a breeze using the included fine-tune instructions from Jay and Steve. I have a flat 1.0 SWR across the 40 channels and a 1.5 at 26.4050 and 27.8550.

This thing is built like a rock, yet it only weighs about 14 lbs. I've owned/installed several vintage Super Penetrators over the years and this heavy duty thing makes them feel like plastic toys.

I put the I-10k in place of a two year old Imax2000 and the improvement in both transmit and receive is amazing. Before the Imax2k I had a Super Penetrator 500 in it's place and the I-10k seriously outperforms it also. I'm making solid ground wave contacts over 100 miles away with around 2kw that I couldn't think of making with either of the aforementioned antennas.

I spent nearly a year researching the I-10k before handing over the asking price ($377.00 shipped), including talking to many current I-10k owners. All I have heard was extreme praise about it's , and all the I-10k's I've heard on the air were doing some serious ass kicking in skipland. Interestingly enough, the only negative reports I've read or heard about the I-10k were from people who did not actually own one.

Bottom line - I feel justified in spending nearly $400 for a ground plane antenna. I couldn't be more happy with it, it has exceeded all my expectations and certainly lived up to the hype. I'm 100% pleased and I would highly recommend the antenna to anybody demanding the absolute best.

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I've been playing on an Interceptor 10K for almost two years now and as ground plane antennas go I'm still quite satisfied with it. Yes I know, anybody that puts 350 bucks into a vertical stick better be satisfied, Right? As I stated on several of my prior reviews of this antenna in my estimation it does NOT out perform many of the cheaper 5/8 wave antennas in its class from a Tx or Rx standpoint with any significants. On the other hand it "plays" as well as any other ground plane in its class. However there are several areas where the I 10K really shines. It is extremely broadbanded and can be adjusted to cover anywhere from 24 to 44 MHz. Needless to say it covers both 10 and 11 meters with no problems. The double trombone style impedance matching system is easy to adjust and stays where you put it. But the biggest advantage with the I 10K is its durability. The old clique built like a tank fits when talking about this antenna. It's built out of heat treated heavy gauge aircraft grade aluminum and all associated hardware is stainless steal. It's guaranteed to withstand 100 plus mph winds and while luckily I haven't seen it that high at my location we have seen some pretty nasty weather here in the Carolinas and the antenna still looks like new. If your lazy like me and don't care to be fooling with your antenna system every time the weather turns sour you might want to give the I 10k a second look.
I've heard rumors that Jay and Steve (company owners) had suspended operations or gone out of business all together but I have not tried to substantiate that. However their website http://www.a1antennas.com/ is still operational for what that's worth


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How much power have you loaded into it. I was wondering if it will hold up to is name and perform good at 10Kw. I have looked at this antenna before but didn't know anyone that was running one of them so I could get a review.