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Here is a Ranger SRA-198 Noise Cancelling microphone purchased from Redman CB Stop in New Jersey. Tom at this time normally does not have this microphone on the web site but if you e-mail him he can get you one at a decent price. These microphones come with Ranger radios. Used this microphone on a custom Galaxy DX 959HP-2290 CB Radio. Felt the microphone had a good feel and ergonomic to hold. Very smooth key up and exterior PTT button comfortable. It has a solid plastic body, thicker than most. Hang up button very solid. Inside the back covers is attached a weighted plate. The microphone cord very flexible with good strain relief on both ends. The coil windings on the microphone cord slightly larger than most. Inspecting the inside revealed a solid well build unit. First generation of the SRA-198 did not have a resistor and capacitor. After complaints the Ranger techs recommended a 4.7K resistor and 0.022uF capacitor! This is consider the generation II, SRA-198. The internal PTT is very simple, short travel and direct straight motion to the external PTT. When keying up and handling the microphone with on air tests it is extremely quiet. I feel this is one of your better built microphones that will last a long time! Radios that have been tuned up will sound cleaner with no background noise. May not be a good fit for stock radios. Modulation will be too low since that is the nature of stock rigs. I am saving this one for my custom Cobra 29 LTD Army Strong Edition. This microphone reminds me of a military style. I ran a gate and it will be up on the board tomorrow, Bulldog.

More pictures on my Photobucket album - http://s196.photobucket.com/user/AmericanBLUZUMR/library/Ranger%20SRA%20198%20Noise%20Cancelling%20Microphone

Ranger USA - http://www.rangerusa.com/accessories.html

Review on CB Radio Magazine (Generation 1) - http://www.cbradiomagazine.com/Microphone%20Reviews/Ranger%20SRA-198/Ranger%20SRA-198.html





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Does redman have a store front or is he straight mail order?

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Here is the Ranger SRA-198 Noise Cancelling microphone in action on a Galaxy DX 959HP-2290 CB Radio. In this video I put the microphone through its paces. Also included in the test is an Astatic 575-M6 amplified microphone. One of my goals is setting up the Astatic 575-M6 to perform almost like a noise cancelling microphone or just come close. During this time I make many adjusts. Here are real world on the air transmissions of both microphones. The Ranger SRA-198 is built well, looks unique and performs like a true noise cancelling microphone. I purchased it from Redman CB Stop. This video is a non-scientific and your radio may produced different results. Thank you for watching, Bulldog.

Note: Near the end of the video I was using the Astatic 575-M6 and admit I could of backed down the modulation. This is the main reason why videos of yourself on your equipment allows you to criticize and make the required adjustments so you sound at your best! After reviewing the video I think the Ranger SRA-198 sounds very good when compared to the Astatic 575-M6...BD


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Does redman have a store front or is he straight mail order?

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Mail and internet order.

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