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06-12-2013, 05:45 PM
Hello I have a turn key keydown suburban for sale. it is a 1988 chevy suburban white in color with blue interior, it has a 350 motor and a auto trans. it has almost new tires and flowmaster exhaust. It has a blueghost alt bracket as well as a blueghost crank pulley and double water pump pulley. It has a 250 amp leece for the stock side to run the truck and drivers, and it has 4 300 amp leece alts on the volt line. it has all welding cable ran through the truck. it has a volt reg. for the stock side as well as a time controlled volt reg. for the volt line. It also has a 4 row high performance rad. with 2 14 inch electric fans. it also has 2 10 inch electric fans mounted on the ac condenser. As far as inside it has digital and analog voltage meters as well as a dual bird meter setup. it has rg 213 coax ran through the truck and rg 217 coax from line section to antenna mount. the antenna mounts are the fatboy puck mounts with quick connects and on the rear mount it also has the swivel ball mount as well. it has a 5 antenna setup which is mounted on a high boom and includes the whipping stick style antenna's for a hot and reflector. it also has a tuned 2 antenna setup for running the 2 antenna class and it has 2 coil antennas for just ridding around. I have made mounts to hold everything in the suburban so while riding around you do have to the hear antennas raddling together. The turck is setup on a 16 volt system which I used 8 volt golf cart batts. I will sell this truck with or with out the radio and amps. the driver amps are fatboy's and the comp amps where built by 123 in Chicago. the radio is a cobra 29 built by dustin at rr. I have a 2 pill with 2-2290's, 3 pill, and 5 pill which are fatboys's and I have a 2pill comp, 4pill comp, 8pill comp, and a 16pill comp. like I said where built by 123. I am sure I forgot to list something but you guys get the idea. this is a winning truck and a lot of people know this truck. My wife keyed this truck for many years. My wife is Lady Criddle. Th truck as we speak is keyed by Booger. It was a winner this year already at the New Orleans Break. I am asking $9500 for everything turn key go keydown. or $6500 for everything but radio and amps. I am pretty firm on prices but I will listen to reasonable offers. You can call me at 704-473-1880 Thanks Scooter. I may even take some trades for some of the cash. thinks I may trade on. A 3cx3000 Base amp, 32 pill, 64 pill, or maybe other base amps. like gs35b's or something more than a 1000 bird please. Thanks again Scooter

06-17-2013, 08:06 AM
guys I can verify the condition and quality of this suburban. That alt install is flawless, multi antenna system is very good and gives me fits, and all the amps have little time on them. anyone wanting a turn key suburban? I recommend looking closely at this truck. And it can be an ac truck very easy if desired.