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10-28-2016, 03:04 PM
I have to run a Cobra 75 wxst in my small car and needed to hide it in the trunk.
I ran 2 extensions cobra AC 702 4 foot Microphone Extension cables... Now the Radio does not seem to receive could the extensions be too long ?

I'm asking before I have to rip the whole thing out to test.

10-28-2016, 04:13 PM
Could be just the wiring in the mic extensions. U would take your microphone only and plug it in. If it works then you know there is something not right between there and the extensions. Also, you know there are very small AM only radios being made. The Anytone smart radio, midland 1001 and many others that will fit in a cubby hole or a small place.
Only other option is to find a different spot to mount the head of the cobra 75. Maybe under a seat, or under the dash somewhere or even the glovebox with some mods. Just throwing some suggestions out there if indeed the extensions are the issue. It may be a case of too much voltage loss from the mic head to the radio unit. But try losing an extension at a time and see what happens. You might be better off using some cat 5 or cat 6 cable and making your own one piece extension as well with a couple of adapters. Might work better then the extensions. Make it only as long as you need it and add just a few inches to each end for service loops. Just some food for thought. Hope you get it resolved!!

10-28-2016, 06:35 PM
Thank you !!!! GMTA I was thinking along those lines as I drove home from work.... I'll see if I can check that out this weekend.
I did not know about the Anytone radio... I'll look at that. I"m trying to keep the whole system in the trunk. I want to be able to move it from Car to Car... I have 4 vehicles and 2 which I mostly drive, already are all set up with CB and Ham radio. The other 2 are what my wife and I share and she does not want all the antenna and radios... So I mounted the systems on a board and ran power to the trunks, I run the head and Mic to the front via cables The ham works great the CB not so much I have to trouble shoot it...
I wanted to make sure that 2 extensions were not too much.... Now tot the testing... Which I should have done prior to the installation DUH.... Thank you again..

10-29-2016, 10:22 PM
Not a problem. Just throwing out ideas. I would try to build a cable out of some good cat 6 cable. Find the needed mic adapters which can be found on eBay for relatively cheap and just build one for now to make sure it works. The wires should be larger gauge than what is in the mic cord. That is if that turns out to be the issue. Might just be a bad cable. But if not, use some larger gauge wire to go the mic input as an extension. Might just do the trick. This way you can keep everything in the trunk. Again, I truly hope you get it resolved. And also look for other places like under your center arm rest, under the dash, under a seat, or behind a panel. You might get lucky and find a close one and be able to get rid of any added cable. Not sure what vehicle you have this in, but normally you can find some hiding spots in small cars if you look in places you wouldn't normally think of. There can be lots of room in places you wouldn't think! Have a good one and let us know what the issue was and how you resolved it. Need any more help just ask man. Will help all I can and I am sure others will too.
73 and God Bless

11-03-2016, 09:17 AM
I did all of the above and then some, I tested the radio without any extensions, and it worked GREAT, loud audio. RX/TX. Then with one extension it was ok but noticeable loss of audio but still ok... With 2 extensions Almost complete loss of audio RX/TX. I then tested another Cobra 75 that I have in my jeep same issue. So while the extensions are available they are not much use. I ended moving the radio from the Trunk to behind the glove box and this solved the problem. I guess this small radio does not have the power to work well with the extension wire.
It does really fit in most places you have opened behind the Glove Box or in the center console the issue is getting the Antenna and Power to it. I have taken care of that issue and it is up and working..

Thank you all for your ideas, I was working in the right direction and you all helped confirm it...

11-03-2016, 07:02 PM
I worries man. Glad you got it resolved!! Enjoy the radio and be safe on the roads!
73 and God Bless.