View Full Version : siltronix 1011d mod info

07-30-2017, 12:07 AM
im trying to bring this old slippery old goat back to life. was going to do the mod to open the transmitter up on both bands, it looks way to easy. it said to locate the two green wires at the back of the band switch, then jumper across the terminals they are soldered to. sounds simple enough right? when I get my jumper ready to solder to the first to the first green wire terminal and I notice those green wires have both been cut and aren't hooked up to anything but that switch. any ideas where those green wires go to when they leave the band switch. ive heard this mod done other ways but not cutting the green wires completely out

08-06-2017, 04:12 AM
oh come on guys! I know all the stigma related to the swan/siltronix 1011D. is it so bad that nobody wants to admit they own one? please guys. if you know someone that has one or if one is hiding in your closet I just need someone to take off the cover and tell me where those two green wires go to after they leave the switch. I would be grateful for anyones help if they know where they can get a look at one. okay ill go back to the seventies and wait for someones reply..i'll be over there blasting the KISS records