View Full Version : That's Just Cool!!!

Mistah Gravy
04-17-2012, 04:36 AM
well i can't say that "He's Done It Again" because i have only been here a month but i am sure that is in order for Dough Boy because i just signed onto the site and see some new stuff on our "Home" page and i like it.

now either i've never seen it before or he's added it but there's an "Atmospheric Conditions" chart letting us know how the skip is doing.i only spent less than a minute looking at it all because i wanted to come in here to post up about it to let him know i like the changes so far and i will return to this thread to add more of my opinions as a spend more time checking it out.

i am not one to deal with changes all that well but i do like what's been changed and added so far.i also see some new advertising that i do not believe i've seen before so i have some new tech shops to check out since i'll be needing to have two Cobra 148GTL's(Phillipine)worked on.one of them needs some repair because it receives but won't transmit.the other one i believe just needs to be gone through,and tightened/tuned/aligned and any other maintenance that will give it a tighter sound and just any work that will make it run the way it should so i can match it up with an amplifier.

all right, i want to go and check everything out and read what i can and then check out the new CBJ affiiates.
what do you guys think?also,has some of this stuff that i've mentioned alrady been here?i do have memory issues sometimes so i may be mistaken.either way,good job with the updating!!