View Full Version : Got a new setup in car

02-23-2013, 07:30 PM
Well, here in the past month or so I got interested in the cb hobby. I started out with a cobra 25 ltd and cheap mag mount antenna. I then bought a cobra 29 ltd, with a Mosfet final peaked and tuned off ebay. Well I had a Wilson "little will" antenna i bought for 10 dollars at flea market. Finally I decided to go ahead and buy a Wilson 5000 Mag mount. I must say wilson's are very nice. I did not have to tune/cut any off antenna, my swr was 1.1! Well I installed it Friday and got everything the way in want it. I got bored last night and went to the car and got on the air and said "Breaker 19 for a radio check". What really surprised me since I live 9 miles from the nearest town, someone said working driver. Come to find out he was 18 miles away right on the interstate talking on a base station. He said it sounded real good, and also the entire state of SC was covered in heavy rain so that really surprised me. I guess clouds affect signals strenth right?? I plan to learn how to repair CBs , as a new hobby. Someone just give me a cobra 25 that the Pos. and Neg. cables were hooked up backwards. Its got a blown diode, plan to fix.