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A DX Cluster is in essence a "chatroom" or node into which DX hunters can post information about DX either worked or heard. Physically, it is a central computer that collects, stores and disseminates information that users send to it. There are nodes around the world, connected together via the internet.

The networked nature of DX clusters is perhaps its most powerful feature as it gives almost instant access to dx conditions and skip openings.

Please enter the handle and location of the station you heard and your current operating location frequency signal strength and mode below.

Who you heard/state:   Your Handle/state:   Frequency:   Signal Strength:   Mode:   Notes


Who was heard   Listening Station   Frequency   Signal Strength   Mode   Notes   Date
mmm   DOUGHBOY   27.285MHz   S9   AM   BOOMING  
GoldenTabs   QdIViwzJdPb   0.000MHz   ZBQvOCQkkd   Acjzv   nSqUqHxZmTz  
Jamaica   Maryland   27.385MHz   5/7   LSB   Witch Doctor to MDY  
bbbbbbbbcb   bbbcbbc   0.000MHz   bbbc   bcbcb   bc  
    26.715MHz   30db   am   great to hear again  
dragon slayer texas   irish cork city ireland   27.385MHz   3/5   lsb   great to hear stateside again  
532ron CharlestonAR   443 Arizona   0.000MHz   1x1      
JimmiXzSq   OlJihRzjPmeFigec   0.000MHz   CPuZWSJnZb   jmIFV   yjmJqauJiqz  
289/?   282/nevada   27.385MHz   5   lsb    
067/West Virgnia   515/Central Iowa   27.165MHz   6   AM   Contacted -67 WV while traveling east of central Iowa I-80 EB mm 190 191  
sparkplug Fl   doughboy FL   27.315MHz   s30   am    
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