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A DX Cluster is in essence a "chatroom" or node into which DX hunters can post information about DX either worked or heard. Physically, it is a central computer that collects, stores and disseminates information that users send to it. There are nodes around the world, connected together via the internet.

The networked nature of DX clusters is perhaps its most powerful feature as it gives almost instant access to dx conditions and skip openings.

Please enter the handle and location of the station you heard and your current operating location frequency signal strength and mode below.

Who you heard/state:   Your Handle/state:   Frequency:   Signal Strength:   Mode:   Notes


Who was heard   Listening Station   Frequency   Signal Strength   Mode   Notes   Date
CBM25/DAMP   CBM1   27.155MHz   5/5   AM    
CBM25/DAMP   CBM1   27.155MHz   5/5   AM    
144     0.000MHz        
502 Kangaroo Island,AU   336 Bishop,CA   27.375MHz   7 to 9   Lsb   Pleasure talking to Aussie land  
  sg129   0.000MHz        
CBM16   CBM1   27.155MHz   55   AM    
429 FL   321 MD   27.385MHz   5/9   LSB   always good to contact Randy  
429 FL   321 MD   27.385MHz   5/9   LSB   always good to contact Randy  
169 ARK   321   27.370MHz   5/9   LSB   good contact  
Too bad this has gone   to the dogs!   27.355MHz     LSB   https://[***]  
tinfoil_Ksp25   tinfoil_Ghy51   0.000MHz   tinfoil_Us   //[**   tinfoil_xYu46  
    0.000MHz       //[***]  
tinfoil_DGR61   tinfoil_iga69   0.000MHz   tinfoil_UF   tinfo   tinfoil_KnC87  
tinfoil_lZN42   tinfoil_naF71   0.000MHz   tinfoil_HM   tinfo   tinfoil_fzL93  
tinfoil_ofx46   tinfoil_nEw87   0.000MHz   tinfoil_Gz   tinfo   //[***]  
    0.000MHz     //[**    
tinfoil_lKn48   tinfoil_hEB50   0.000MHz   //[***]   tinfo   tinfoil_rkf02  
    0.000MHz   //[***]      
    0.000MHz   ">      
tinfoil_Tab90   tinfoil_fWL96   0.000MHz   tinfoil_LN   tinfo   tinfoil_Rps95  
//[***]   tinfoil_DkJ95   0.000MHz   tinfoil_Lb   tinfo   tinfoil_gft43  
//[***]     0.000MHz        
tinfoil_gRT74   tinfoil_OEW86   0.000MHz   tinfoil_pW   tinfo   tinfoil_yps52">  
tinfoil_pls57   //[***]   0.000MHz   tinfoil_Zi   tinfo   tinfoil_eyw62  
  //[***]   0.000MHz        
    0.000MHz       ">  
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