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Thread: Realistic Navaho TRC-431

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    Realistic Navaho TRC-431

    So I got hold of my grandmother's old CB radio, a Realistic Navaho TRC-431 base station. I hooked it up in the house and started getting a feel for it. Not sure if they came with them, but there's a toggle switch in the back that adds two extra bands in 26 Mhz range below the CB band. I did notice however that its receive was a tad quiet on the more distant stations, and it seems to be losing channels. When I first hooked it up I noticed that on the CB band, channels 38-40 did nothing when I keyed up the mic. I let the radio sit for a little while and listened to it, and then when I went to record a video of it in operation, it stopped working at channel 35. So I let it sit a few minutes more, and now it's down to channel 25. Anything higher than channel 25 does nothing when I key the mic. No carrier wave, the "On Air" light doesn't come on, nothing. 24 and under still work fine and I can transmit on those channels. I turned it off to avoid losing any more channels. The lower bands don't seem to have been affected. It's not the end of the world if this radio can't be salvaged, my uncle is keeping it more as a memento of my grandmother because she loved talking on her radio, but if it's an easy fix it'd be nice for him to actually be able to use it.

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    Sure take it to a shop and have them look at it..Probably something simple...I have 2 of them and they're pretty bullet proof...

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