after a hi of 92 today TO 68 this am. Native Texican, Marine by choice(69-75), operated almost every comm equip Marines had, including IBM 360, Univac, Dtse 1000, card readers IBM 26/29. Change code on KW-7, KW-26, no touch TS GEAR.

Left MCBCAMLEJ, NC 0500, rolled into Houston, Tx 1400 040675. had mini 23b, 3 knobs(volume, squelch, channel selector, 102" on right rear bumper!! By early 80's running CB's again wen thru 4 radios, 10's of antennas until I fell in love w/SBE LCS-4/ssb/Audio King Antenna. Still have both!!!!

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By this wkend I will have a SBE LAND COMMAND LCB-8 40 CHANNEL AM CB BASE!!

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Have not figured out what type antenna to run with this 1. Figure on a single mast, CUSHCRAFT AR-10, RINGO, A99, Imax 2000, Starduster, Astro plane, Tornado from Sirio. Looking for a SBE base w/40/SSB!!! Let me ifin U know where 1 is!!