xsstuff.com is a new online auction marketplace for buying and selling almost everything. Giving power back to buyers and sellers who were suspended from major auction sites without reason or just cannot absorb the high fees of the major auction players. With zero listing fees and low final value fees xsstuff.com is the better auction choice. They are now offering a 200 dollar credit for sellers who post 500 or more items using the bulk listing system dropshippers are also eligible for this special event simply contact the adminstration of xs stuff with your xs stuff username after you signup.

Launched june 30 2015 by a privately held group of investors,

xsstuff.com wants to change the way people feel about online auctions

getting away from the huge corprate monopoly stucture and into something a little different were a community based online auction

we try to keep things simple and to the point and not just have automated bots run around the site banning people or deleting auctions based on keywords or other random things.

After being suspended from the biggest auction site online indefinitely without cause or explanation, we decided there had to be a better way to auction online. After years of planning and market research the dream of something better has finally come to life.

When asked why an auction site this is what the owner had to say

"I got tired of being bullied around. after hours on the phone with a major auction site im sure you would (know the name) after being suspended only to be told that they were not able to help me and that I needed to send an e-mail to so and so department as they did not have details on my suspension. Over 6 months later I am still yet to hear back from them on why my account was removed. these sales were my business ... my livelihood. This is where xsstuff.com comes in."

xsstuff.com is free for buyers and sellers to signup, has zero listing fees for sellers and is very user friendly. When buying and selling on xsstuff.com you can send and receive payments using your favorite payment methods that you are already using on other auction sites now you can pay for an auction as soon as you win it. xsstuff.com takes the safety and security of their buyers and sellers very seriously, for a limited time xsstuff.com will offer all of their sellers a $20.00 site credit, redeemable for site fee payments, There is a very small fee to use the XS Verify service to verify the seller's identity. xsstuff.com feels a verified seller is a trusted seller and being verified will help increase your sales as well as your safety while using xsstuff.com

Auctions, Not Suspensions ...xsstuff.com