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Thread: 240 Radio Master, Hello from the S E Corner of New Mexico

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    240 Radio Master, Hello from the S E Corner of New Mexico

    Hello everybody I go by 240 Radio Master I am located in south east New Mexico.
    I Run a HIFI station and my personally engineered high performance .64 ground plane antenna that is none of this cheap aluminum crap commercial quality all the way, the radiator is 2in OD 22 foot long from top too bottom and fed with my heavy duty 5/8 inch hairpin trombone matching network.
    You can see build on youtube look up 240radiomaster.

    I run several radio setups Genesis G11 SDR,Cobra2000 direct injected, CPI 2000, Kenwood TS450

    Marshal MXL770 studio mic, Bheringher 1002FX, Bheringer SX3040 Sonic Exciter

    I am a Commercial Radio Technician and Ham Operator as well.

    I have had the pleasure of talking to many of you in DX land from time to time.

    Thought I would drop in and introduce myself.
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