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Thread: CB radio is alive and well with still some Good People

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    CB radio is alive and well with still some Good People

    Well with all the bad news at our finger tips and people use to negative in this world I figured I would share my positive experience with all you CBers. I was on my way for a annual doctor check up today about 45 miles away and taking my usual back way short cut to avoid the extremely busy traffic when a car came up behind me. The driver seen I had a CB antenna on my car so he gave me a shout to see if I had my ears on. We had a nice chat as he was on his way to work Then we came up on a blocked road with a detour I wasn't expecting. He then ask if I want to follow him around the detour because he was use to it. He even pulled over so I could catch up with him. If it wasn't for that 22 year my junior young man I might have missed my appointment finding my way out of the detour. Of course my GPS also helped when he had to turn off to head for his job. That is the second time in the last 6-8 months the old CB has helped me while on the road. Never let the CB die by keeping them turned on and passing them on to your children and grand-children.

    Let the good times Roll
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